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International Journal of Active Learning

Apr 16, 2019 Volume 4, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Learning of Craft and Entrepreneurship Towards Student’s Entrepreneurship Interest Referred from Planned Behavior

    Achmad Mustofa, Wiedy Murtini & Hery Sawiji

    The purpose of this research is to see the relation between learning of craft and entrepreneurship in theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991) and further influence entrepreneur interest. The... More

    pp. 1-9

  2. The Development of Digital Storytelling Website Based Media for Economic Learning in Senior High School

    Dini Lestari, Siswandari Siswandari & Cicilia Indrawati

    This study aims to investigate the feasibility of digital storytelling website based media in an effort to improve student economic learning outcomes in Senior High School. The research and... More

    pp. 10-17

  3. Interactive Media Development Based Macromedia Flash 8 on Themeliving Matter of Primary Class IV

    Fine Reffiane & Laksa Bayutama

    This study aims to determine the validity and practicality ofFlash-basedinteractive media Macromedia 8 on the theme of care for life mahkhluk Elementary School fourth grade. This research using... More

    pp. 18-23

  4. Mode and Dimension of Facilitation in Student-Centred Learning Approach: A Comparison of Teaching Experience

    Alias Masek

    This study is based on the Heron Facilitation Model, to evaluate the dimension and mode of facilitation of facilitators who are using Student-Centred Learning (SCL) as an approach in delivering... More

    pp. 24-32

  5. Developing Problem High Order Thinking Type Application Volume Cube and Cuboid Based Problem Based Learning for Secondary School

    Eli Marlina, Ratu Putri & Darmawijoyo Darmawijoyo

    This research aim to develop a valid and practical problem High Order Thinking Type Application Volume Cube and Cuboid based Problem Based Learning for secondary school. This is a development... More

    pp. 33-39

  6. Light Bulb Substitute Lens for Measuring Liquid Bias Index

    Rizki Annisa, Husnul Hidayah, Hartono Hartono & Supriyadi Supriyadi

    The purpose of this study is to determine the characteristics of practicum tools developed and prove that the bulb lamp can be used as an innovation replacement of convex lenses, and determine the ... More

    pp. 40-44

  7. The Correlation between Leadership, Motivation, Work Climate and High Economic Teachers’ Performance in Karanganyar Regency

    Marheni Siwi, Siswandari Siswandari & Gunarhadi Gunarhadi

    This research aims to find out and to analyze the correlation between leadership of the priciple, motivation and work climate with the performance of high school economics teachers in Karanganyar... More

    pp. 45-58

  8. Cognitive Ability Profiles of Junior High School Students with High Mathematical Abilities in Numbers Material Based on TIMSS Domain

    Magdalena Puspasari & Helti Mampouw

    The study aimed to describe the cognitive ability of junior high school students in answering questions on whole and fraction numbers based on TIMSS domain. This is a descriptive qualitative... More

    pp. 59-65

  9. The Implementation of Learning Device using Problem-Based Learning Model to Optimize Students’ Science Problem-Solving Skill

    Muhammad Yusuf & Sari Rahman

    A research on learning device development using problem-based learning model on junior high students has been conducted. The research aims to describe the implementation result of learning device... More

    pp. 66-70