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International Journal of Active Learning

Oct 30, 2018 Volume 3, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Identifying Conceptual Mistakes on SMA Teaching Books in Materials of Imune System for Eleventh Graders

    Aprilia Pangestika & Trianik Widyaningrum

    Textbooks as compulsory reference books containing misconceptions may prevent students from learning. This study aims to determine the mistakes of the concepts contained in biology textbooks... More

    pp. 50-57

  2. The Teaching Strategy of Bahasa Indonesia in Curriculum 2013

    Wisnu Nugroho Aji & Sri Budiyono

    This article is intended to explain and describe the implementation of Curriculum 2013 on Bahasa Indonesia. A plan of choosing learning strategy of Bahasa Indonesia is supposed to be adapted to the... More

    pp. 58-64

  3. Review Study of Physical and Cognitive Activities in Physics Active Learning: Model of Numbered Heads Together (NHT)

    Ramadhan B., Marmi Sudarmi & Wahyu Kristiyanto

    This research aims to examine the proportion of physical activities and cognitive activities in the physics learning that using NHT as a learning model. The research is descriptive qualitative.... More

    pp. 65-79

  4. Developing Mathematics Learning Model of Thinking Empowerment by Question (TEQ) with TAI Setting to Improve Students Metacognition Ability

    Uswatun Khasanah & Dwi Astuti

    The method used in the development of mathematics learning model of Thinking Empowerment by Question (TEQ) with TAI setting is R & D through 4-D steps, i.e., define, design, develop and disseminate... More

    pp. 80-85

  5. The Effectiveness of The Scientific Approach to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

    Firman Firman, Baedhowi Baedhowi & Wiedy Murtini

    The purpose of this research is to analyze the effectiveness of the scientific approach of Economics with modules that have been developed to improve the learning results of high school students.... More

    pp. 86-91

  6. Implementation of The Values of Entrepreneurship in Students of SMA Negeri in DKI Jakarta

    Sugiono Sugiono, Trisno Martono & Dewi Wardani

    Issues relating to the role of entrepreneurship education are: 1) the increasing number of unemployed that there needs to be addressed with the improvements in education entrepreneurship; 2)... More

    pp. 92-99

  7. The Development of Internet-based Economic Learning Media using Moodle Approach

    Andika Sari & Ananda Setiawan

    The objectives of research were to develop an internet-based economic learning media using MOODLE approach to improve the learning outcome of Senior High School Students in Bengkulu City. The... More

    pp. 100-109

  8. The Generic Science Skill Profile of Fourth Grade Students on Acid And Base Topic in Guided Inquiry Learning Model

    Ismi Yohana, Sudarmin Sudarmin, Sri Wardani & Siti Mohyaddin

    This research aims to find and identify the 4th level students science generic skill using guided inquiry learning in SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. This research method is descriptive qualitative... More

    pp. 110-116

  9. The Implementatyion Off Problem Based Learning Model (PBL) on Teachers and Students Grade Five Elementary Schools in Surakarta City

    Issufiah N, Sunardi Sunardi, Sri W & Gunarhadi Gunarhadi

    The role of teachers is very important in the learning process to create a quality learning atmosphere so as to produce a quality output as well. The fact that there are still many obstacles in the... More

    pp. 116-123