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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Nov 08, 2013 Volume 8, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Future Direction for Next Generation Web

    Young Choi, Regent University; Young Choe, ITU-T, Geneva; Tae Oh, Rochester Institute of Technology

    We explore recent developments on the Web and forecast future development trends of Next Generation Web. This is based upon the current technologies and emerging Web technologies developed by... More

    pp. 6-10

  2. Critical Factors and Resources in Developing a Game-Based Learning (GBL) Environment Using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

    Jeremy Lothian, Penn State University; Jungwoo Ryoo, Pennsylvania State University

    Engaging students in learning is often a challenge. It is even more so when the subject matter is non-trivial and requires a significant effort to master. Game-Based Learning (GBL) makes learning... More

    pp. 11-20

  3. Effect of Web Caching on Load Time

    Emma Tang & Tae Oh, Rochester Institute of Technology; Young Choi, Regent University, Virginia Beach; Swapna Subramaniam, Rochester Institute of Technology

    This paper explores the effect of web caching on load times in terms of browser choice and website type. By comparing the load time of web pages using different browsers and website types it was... More

    pp. 21-26

  4. The ARICE Framework: Augmented Reality in Computing Education

    Yuanqiong Wang, Giovanni Vincenti, James Braman & Alfreda Dudley, Department of Computer and Information Sciences Towson University 8000 York Road Towson, MD 21252

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input and output including... More

    pp. 27-34

  5. Enhancing Motivation and Engagement: A Top-Down Approach for the Design of a Learning Experience According to the S2P-LM

    Salah Bahji, Mohammed V Agdal University (Rabat) Mohammadia School of Engineers (Rabat) High School of Technology (Salé); Youssef Lefdaoui & Jamila El Alami, Mohammed V Agdal University-Rabat, High School of Technology-Salé.

    Demotivation and disengagement of students toward the formal learning curriculum, know an increasingly strong and even alarming proliferation. In this paper, we try to deal with motivation and... More

    pp. 35-41

  6. A Probabilistic Approach for the Generation of Learning Sessions Tailored to the Learning Styles of Learners

    Jaber El Bouhdidi, Mohamed Ghailani & Abdelhadi Fennan, Laboratory LIST, FST Tangier Morocco

    In this paper we present an audacious solution based on Bayesian networks and educational approach for the construction of evolutionary personalized learning paths. We mean by evolutionary learning... More

    pp. 42-49

  7. Facilitating Sustainability of Education by Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    Chunfang Zhou, Aparna Purushothaman & Nikorn Rongbutsri, Aalborg University

    This paper focuses on two approaches to facilitate sustainability of education development, such as pedagogical approach and technological approach. We regard using Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as ... More

    pp. 50-54

  8. Information Theoretic Clustering for an Intelligent Multilingual Tutoring System

    Christos Troussas & Maria Virvou, University of Piraeus

    People working as groups, collaborating, rather than people working individually, has unquestionably helped them develop and make accomplishments beyond our imagination. It is quite common to... More

    pp. 55-61

  9. A Technological Tool to Optimize Educational Assessment

    Mohammed Gabli, El Jaara & El Mermri

    In this paper we consider a table of specification problem which allows teachers to specify number of questions of a test based on weights and importance of different topics and objectives. In... More

    pp. 62-65

  10. Sharing Model of Online Overseas Chinese Education Resource Based on Cloud Computing

    Zhehuang Huang

    In recent years, with the sustainable and fast development of chinese economy, there has been increasing interest in overseas chinese language. As an important way of overseas chinese education,... More

    pp. 66-69