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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Jun 26, 2013 Volume 8, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 12

  1. Context Analysis of User Decision based on social learning

    B.Z. Lee, H.Y. Lu & S.H. Ma, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology; X.P. Song, Jiangsu University

    We analyzed the context mechanism of usersâ?? decision behaviors in social tagging, and revealed the nature of social learning among users in social contexts. To improve the results of social... More

    pp. 5-9

  2. Track and Field Online Curricula Evaluation System Design for Universities Physical education

    Weiliang Lin, GuangZhou university physical college

    Purpose of this paper is to perfect track and field online curricula evaluation system, improve the teaching effect evaluation in the process of teaching. Research methods: by the research... More

    pp. 10-16

  3. Ontology Based Scientific Keywords Recommendation System under Web 2.0

    Na Xue, Su Jia, Jin Hao & Qiang Wang, School of Economics and Management, Beihang University

    As the born and communication base of new science and new technology, scientific research requires effective information integration and knowledge management to improve the efficiency of scientific... More

    pp. 17-22

  4. Engineering to See and Move: Teaching Computer Programming with Flowcharts vs. LEGO Robots

    K.H. Huang & T.M. Yang, National Chiayi University, Chiayi, Taiwan ROC; C.C. Cheng, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan ROC

    This study investigated the effect of integrating LEGO Robots into an elementary school programming class through examining the learning achievement and teacher-student interaction. A self... More

    pp. 23-26

  5. Research on University Track & Field Web Courseâ??s Basic Attributes Columns

    Weiliang Lin, GuangZhou university physical college

    The purpose of this paper is to perfect the effective construction of the web courseâ??s basic attributes modules, so as to help students get to know the personnel allocation and the resource... More

    pp. 27-33

  6. Learning Sports Management with e-Learning

    Sara Redondo, Ana Villalba & Álvaro Merino Jiménez

    Nowadays, hybridity is in demand from students in university degrees. They expect to be able to choose between on campus courses and online courses depending on their needs and wishes. Motivated by... More

    pp. 34-39

  7. How to Promote Learning in African Countries? Open d-learning System Based on an Open Content

    Najima Daoudi, Naila Amrous & Badia Ettaki

    The learning process has always been a privileged appeal for individuals to improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to become more productive and contribute to the sustainable development... More

    pp. 40-46

  8. Research on Fuzzy-logic Algorithm of Intelligent Generating Test Paper

    Qingyun Ru

    Intelligent generating test paper can be thought of as a typical fuzzy mathematical logic problem. First, the paper analyzes the quantitative evaluation criteria of the traditional test paper... More

    pp. 47-50

  9. Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Network-based College English Teaching Mode

    Jin chengxing, Foreign languages college,Anhui Polytechnic University

    In order to study the effectiveness of the network-based college English teaching mode, the paper firstly introduces the application background, its main features and theoretical basis. Then, an... More

    pp. 51-56

  10. An evaluation of web-based homework (WBH) delivery systems: University of Sharjah Experience

    Hussein Elmehdi, Applied Physics Department University of Sharjah

    The objective of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of the Web-Based Homework (WBH) systems on the performance of University of Sharjah (UAE) students. We have investigated: 1) student ... More

    pp. 57-62

  11. A Review on ICTs, E-Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Dyslexicâ??s Assistance

    Athanasios Drigas & Athanassia Dourou, N.C.S.R. â??Demokritosâ? - Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications - Telecoms Lab â?? Net Media Lab

    This paper is a review on the exploitation of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the diagnosis, intervention and assistance of learning disabilities and especially on dyslexia... More

    pp. 63-67

  12. Towards an Implementation of the Concepts of E-Learning 2.5 Through one Group of Ten Masterâ??s Learners: Case of the UML Course

    Boubker Sbihi, Laboratory LIROSA, Ecole des Sciences de l'Information, Rabat, Morocco; Kamal El Kadiri, Laboratory LIROSA, Ensa of tétouan, Morocco; Noura Aknin, Laboratory LIROSa, Faculty of sciences of tétouan, Morocco

    The aim of our article is to apply the concepts of the E-learning 2.5 in a group of ten Masterâ??s students during the UML course in the I-School of Rabat, Morocco. This survey generated... More

    pp. 68-73