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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Feb 17, 2012 Volume 7, Number 2012

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Hybrid Model for e-Learning Quality Evaluation

    Suzana Savic, Miomir Stankovic & Goran Janackovic, University of Nis, Faculty of Occupational Safety, Carnojevica 10a, 18000 Nis

    E-learning is becoming increasingly important for the competitive advantage of economic organizations and higher education institutions. Therefore, it is becoming a significant aspect of quality... More

  2. On Problem Based Learning and Application to Computer Games Design Teaching

    Olga Timcenko, Aalborg University, Copenhagen; Radoslav Stojic, Belgrade Metropolitan University

    Problem-based learning is a pedagogical approach which started in early 1970s. It is well developed and established until now. Aalborg University in Denmark is one of pioneering world universities ... More

  3. Adaptive E-learning System in Secondary Education

    Sofija Tosheva, Jane Sandanski - High School, Strumica; Cveta Martinovska, faculty of Computer Science, University Goce Delcev Stip

    In this paper we describe an adaptive web application E-school, where students can adjust some features according to their preferences and learning style. This e-learning environment enables... More

  4. Using Online Presence to Improve Online Collaborative Learning

    Zoran Jeremic, Nikola Milikic & Jelena Jovanovic, FOS-School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade, Serbia; Mirjana Brkovic, Technical Faculty ?a; Filip Radulovic, Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

    Social software tools have become an integral part of studentsâ?? personal lives and their primary communication medium. Likewise, these tools are increasingly entering the enterprise world (within... More

  5. Do IT And Medicine Students E-Collaborate In The Same Way: Comparison Regarding Forums And Wikis

    Marija Blagojevic, Marjan Milosevic & Danijela Milosevic, Technical faculty ?a

    This study reveals comparison of behaviour patterns between students of medicine and IT students, regarding their use of forums and wiki. Olap techniques is used with in order to determine possible... More

  6. Selfâ??Evaluation of Distance Learning Study Program as a Part of Internal Quality Assurance

    Radojka Krneta, Danijela Milosevic & Maja Bozovic, Technical faculty, Svetog Save 65, 32000 Cacak; Andjelija Mitrovic, College of Technical Vocational Studies, Svetog Save 65,32000 Cacak

    This paper features quality assurance of specific distance learning master study program through self-evaluation. This unique program involving e-learning as the program content, as well as... More

  7. Ubiquitous Personal Learning Environment (UPLE)

    Behnam Taraghi, Graz University of Technology

    Web 2.0 technologies opened up new perspectives in learning and teaching activities. Collaboration, communication and sharing between learners contribute to the self-regulated learning, a bottom-up... More

  8. A unique, culture-aware, personalized learning environment

    Tillman Swinke, University of Applied Sciences Worms

    This paper examines what current learning systems offer towards the idea of a multi- dimensional learning system. It will show the requirements for a multi-dimensional learning system and that no... More

  9. Teaching ePortfolios in Teacher Education

    Peter Groi�böck, PH Niederösterreich

    Especially when starting their career in the induction phase, young teachers need personal, profession-related and social support. Young teachers can get personal support with a mentoring system,... More

  10. Towards identifying Collaborative Learning groups using Social Media

    Selver Softic, Graz University of Technology

    This work reports about the preliminary results and ongoing research based upon profiling collaborative learning groups of persons within the social micro-blogging platforms like Twitter that share... More

  11. Impact factors for learner motivation in Blended Learning environments

    Alexander Schober & Lars Keller, University of Innsbruck

    Literature on the use of New Media and Learning Management Systems (LMS) in problem based learning settings suggests positive effects on learner motivation. In a two year study by the Institute for... More

  12. A Semantic Approach to Cross-Disciplinary Research Collaboration

    Laurens De Vocht, Ghent University - iMinds; Davy Van Deursen, Erik Mannens & Rik Van de Walle

    The latest developments in ICT, more specifically Social Media and Web 2.0 tools, facilitate the use of online services in research and education. This is also known as Research 2.0 and Technology ... More