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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Sep 06, 2010 Volume 5, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Automated Assessment, Face to Face

    Rizik Al-Sayyed, Ph.D. Wireless Networks Performance, Jordan; Amjad Hudaib, Ph.D. Software Engineering, Jordan; Muhannad AL-Shboul, P.h.D in E-Learning, Jordan; Yousef Majdalawi & Mohammed Bataineh, Jordan

    This research paper evaluates the usability of automated exams and compares them with the paper-and-pencil traditional ones. It presents the results of a detailed study conducted at The University ... More

    pp. 4-11

  2. GE3D: A Virtual Campus for Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

    Jean Grieu, Florence Lecroq, Patrick Person, Thierry Galinho & Hadhoum Boukachour, LITIS - Le Havre University, France

    A lot of learning systems platforms are used all over the world. But these conventional E-learning platforms aim at students who are used to work on their own. Our students are young (19 years old ... More

    pp. 12-17

  3. A Hybrid Course for Probability and Statistics for Engineers: An E-Readiness Study at Shahid Beheshti University

    Amir Payandeh & Maryam Omidi, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Probability and Statistics for Engineers covers verities of subjects in the set theory, the combinatory analysis, probability, statistics, and (in some universities) the stochastic processes. Since... More

    pp. 18-26

  4. A Formative Assessment Tool for Conceptual Database Design Using UML Class Diagram

    Josep Soler, Imma Boada, Ferran Prados, Jordi Poch & Ramon Fabregat, Spain

    Database design is one of the main topics of any introductory database course. Traditionally, for teaching it entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) are used. However, in the last years, Unified... More

    pp. 27-33

  5. Assessment 100% Supported by ICT: Possibilities Offered and Risks

    Plinio Teherán Sermeño, Ovidio Almanza Montero & Henry Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

    After the launching of a Fundamentals of Physics course offered for different campuses of the National University of Colombia in blended learning mode, various experiences were collected in a... More

    pp. 34-36

  6. Using Hypermedia in Teaching Art & Design: Baroque Dutch Paintings

    Inas Alkholy, Associate Professor, Jordan

    Although the whole world adapts ICT -information and communication technologies- in learning and teaching visual arts for the benefit of both the student and the society, the Middle East is... More

    pp. 37-41

  7. Fostering Cross-Cultural Understanding Through E-Learning: Russian-American Forum Case-Study.

    Ekaterina Talalakina, PhD, Russian Federation

    Abstractâ?? The importance of cross-cultural understanding is accelerated nowadays by globalization and joint efforts of different countries in the face of global challenges. Countriesâ??... More

    pp. 42-46

  8. Laboratory Design Concepts for Effective Utilization of Resources and Obtaining Greater Efficacy

    A Srinath, Professor, K.L.University, India

    Laboratories are workplaces for the conduct of experimentation across disciplines and perform interdisciplinary scientific research. This work will summarize the key architectural, engineering, and... More

    pp. 47-51