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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Apr 30, 2018 Volume 13, Number 5

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Number of articles: 18

  1. An Investigation of the Social Network System Competencies of High School Students in Japan

    Masami Yoshida, Chiba University

    We investigated the Social Network System (SNS) competencies of high school students in Japan. Student groups (from cities or regional areas) and the opinions of their teachers were compared.... More

    pp. 4-18

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  2. Perceptions of Saudi Male and Female Postgraduate Students Regarding the Impact of Social Networking Sites and Apps on their Academic Life: A Study of Umm Al-Qura University – Makkah

    Abdulelah Alghamdi, Umm al-Qura University; Margaret Plunkett, Federation University Australia

    This paper outlines a study exploring the perceptions of Saudi male and female postgraduate students regarding the impact of using Social Networking Sites and Apps (SNSAs) on their academic... More

    pp. 19-40

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  3. Usability Metrics for Gamified E-learning Course: A Multilevel Approach

    Aleksandra Sobodić, Igor Balaban & Dragutin Kermek, Faculty of Organization and Informatics

    This paper discusses the effect of a gamified learning system for students of the master course on Web Design and Programming performed at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. A new set of ... More

    pp. 41-55

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  4. Social Factors Influence on Career Choices for Female Computer Science Students

    Sohail Malik, Al-Buraimi University College; Mostafa Al-Emran, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia Buraimi University College, Buraimi

    The low and shrinking numbers of female students studying computer science is a well-known problem in most of the western countries. The dominant perception about computer science field considered ... More

    pp. 56-70

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  5. Understanding Modern Learning Environment (MLE) in Big Data Era

    Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno, Kamarul Mat Teh, Abdul Don, Bushrah Basiron, Kamarul Jasmi, Mohd Mustari, Badlihisham Nasir & Roslee Ahmad

    as an attempt to understand modern learning environment (MLE) to support learning in big data era, its exploration where the students are engaged to access online resources using their mobile... More

    pp. 71-85

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  6. A Comparison Between Moodle, Facebook, and Paper-based Assessment Tools: Students’ Perception of Preference and Effect on Performance

    Riadh Jeljali, AL AIN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY; Loay Al Naji, Computer Science department Moorpark College, Moorpark, USA, United States; Khzim Khazam, College of Communication and Media Al Ain university of Science and Technology

    Literature abounds with research on the benefits of technology and its effect on students’ performance and satisfaction. The use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as blackboard, eCollege,... More

    pp. 86-99

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  7. Using Facebook for Leveraging Sense of Community in Self-Paced Open and Distance Learning Courses

    Serpil Kocdar & Abdulkadir Karadeniz, Anadolu University Acikogretim Fakultesi Yunus Emre Kampusu; Nil Goksel, Anadolu University Yabancı Diller Yuksekokulu

    The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a sense of community could be enhanced via learning activities delivered through a Facebook group within a self-paced distance-learning course. ... More

    pp. 100-116

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  8. Eye Tracking Technology in Detecting the Switch Cost in the Intra-sentential Code-Switching Contexts

    Liqin Wu, Anhui University of Finance & Economics; Cuihua Xi, East China Normal University

    Switch cost and cost site have been controversial issues in the code-switching studies. This research conducted an eye tracking experiment on eight bilingual subjects to measure their switch cost... More

    pp. 117-129

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  9. Project-oriented Development and Practice of the Machinery Manufacturing Technology Course

    Li Xaomian & Wu Tiejun

    The traditional teaching of machinery manufacturing technology considers typical parts, such as the axial and box – the teaching carriers and focuses on explaining theoretical knowledge and... More

    pp. 130-140

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  10. A Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Course Multimedia Teaching System based on Dokeos and BigBlueButton

    Wen Han, ZiBo Vocational Institute

    multi-media technology plays a critical role in modern remote education development, which can make abstract and complicated teaching content more concrete and fully mobilize students’ activity,... More

    pp. 141-152

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  11. Construction of SOA Based VR Technology in Animation Teaching

    Zhenyan Qin & Zonghua Tao, Anhui Jianzhu University

    3D animation production is an animation course widely set up in colleges currently aiming at cultivating 3D animation production talents. But in actual teaching, there exist problems of teaching... More

    pp. 153-164

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  12. Teaching System of Smart Learning Environment for Aerobics Course

    Yanan Yu, Shandong Normal University; Aili Qi, Guizhou University of Engineering Science

    In the past digital learning environment, we required the multimedia facilities excessively and ignored the individual needs of learners, and the teaching resources existed depending on the... More

    pp. 165-176

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  13. Construction of the Multimedia Teaching Platform of Cost Accounting Course Based on EXCEL VBA Program

    Zhiyong Zhang, Chongqing College of Finance and Economics

    there exit some problems in domestic multimedia teaching of “Cost Accounting” course such as the difficulties of achieving teaching objectives and teaching effect, slow control loading, data... More

    pp. 177-187

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  14. A Computer Experiment Teaching System Based on OMAP Embedded System

    Xiaorong Wang & Cuimei Fan, Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting

    OMAP is open multimedia application platform. It is an embedded processor with high performance and high integration density which is developed to meet the application of mobile multimedia... More

    pp. 188-200

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  15. Construction of the Network Learning Platform for the Course Building Space Transformation based on Grid

    Chen Zhu, Army Logistics University of PLA

    It is a development trend to build a network learning platform for the current university course teaching, but universities or colleges can’t share the learning information with each other... More

    pp. 201-211

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  16. Multimedia Teaching Platform Construction for Fashion Design Based on Simulation and Synchronous Teaching System

    Peng Qu, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

    SOA technology can connect different service functions of application program through the well-defined interface and then form a sound distributed system through proper control process. SOA-based... More

    pp. 212-223

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  17. Multimedia Teaching Platform Construction Based on Flash Interaction Technology for Gymnastics

    Changhui Xia, Hubei University of Arts and Science

    The rapid development of mobile multimedia technology provides broader space for improvement of distance teaching system. It is very difficult for the previous multimedia technology to meet people’... More

    pp. 224-235

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  18. On Computer and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Big Data Era

    Ji-Hua Fan, Foreign Language College North China Institute of Science and Technology, Beijing, China

    The purpose of this paper is to explore the application of computer to foreign language learning in Big Data era. Combining the properties of language learning and teaching theories, we analyze the... More

    pp. 236-245

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