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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Mar 30, 2018 Volume 13, Number 4

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Number of articles: 18

  1. Automatic Multi-task Learning System for Abnormal Network Traffic Detection

    He Huang, Haojiang Deng, Jun Chen & Luchao Han, National Network New Media Engineering Research Center, Institute of Acoustics, University of Chinese Academy of Science; Wei Wang, Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China

    Since the last decade of the 20th century, the Internet had become flourishing, which drew great interest in the detection of abnormal network traffic. Particular-ly, it’s impossible to manually... More

    pp. 4-20

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  2. English Learning System Design for College Students Personalized English Grammar Check and Diagnosis

    Dandan Pan & Hongzhi Zhou, College of Information Engineering, Fuyang Normal University

    The development of computer technologies help enrich the content of Eng-lish education and provide more convenience for English learning. English grammar is one of the basic elements and affects... More

    pp. 21-32

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  3. Application of a Computer-Assisted Instruction System Based on Constructivism

    Hua Guo, Hebi Vocational and Technical College

    Computer-assisted instruction is a new type of educational model that integrates with modern technology and pedagogy. This paper, aiming at application of this model, devises a constructivism-based... More

    pp. 33-44

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  4. Training & Evaluation System of Intelligent Oral Phonics Based on Speech Recognition Technology

    Zhaoxia Yin, Foreign Languages CoIIege, Beihua University

    The majority of Chinese people are still bound up in "dumb" English today. The English learning software is ubiquitous in our lives, but most of them merely fo-cus on English literacy without... More

    pp. 45-57

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  5. Design of a Personalized Massive Open Online Course Platform

    Junfu Xi, Yehua Chen & Gang Wang, Information and Engineering Department, Xingtai Polytechnic College

    Focusing on the massive open online course (MOOC) platform, the purpose of this study is to realize personalized adaptive learning according to the needs and abilities of each learner. To this end,... More

    pp. 58-70

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  6. Application of Computer Distance Education in Practical English Writing Teaching

    Xiaohua Liu, College of Foreign Languages, Hebei Normal University; Jian Zhang, College of Information Science and Technology, Hebei Agricultural University

    With the continuous convergence between computer technology and on-line edu-cation in promoting the reform of traditional teaching and learning style, and up-dating the educational idea and method,... More

    pp. 71-82

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  7. Computer Distance Virtual Experiment Teaching Application Based on Virtual Reality Technology

    Fengxu Wang, Experiment Teaching and Network Information Management Center, Liaocheng University

    The rapid development of computer and network has promoted the emergence and development of new teaching methods and teaching media. This paper takes the computer distance virtual experiment... More

    pp. 83-94

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  8. College English Listening Teaching Design Based on Computer Multimedia Teaching Platform

    Yue Dai, Public English Education Department, Beihua University

    In order to simulate students’ enthusiasm in English listening and to improve teachers’ teaching efficiency, application of computer multimedia technology in English listening teaching has been... More

    pp. 95-105

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  9. Effectiveness of College Student English Writing Teaching Based on Data-driven Learning

    Lei Zhang, Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology

    Data-driven learning is a kind of new teaching mode under which language li-brary is applied to language teaching. Featured by discovery learning, diversified learning process, media learning... More

    pp. 106-116

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  10. Study on the Design of Campus Network-based Personalized English Teaching Platform

    Hongmei Wang, Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology

    College English teaching is in urgent need of a platform which may improve stu-dents' initiative in English learning, raise learning interest and enhance English teaching management, in order to... More

    pp. 117-128

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  11. Influence Analysis of Computer Modular Learning Environment on College English Listening Teaching Effect

    Jun Miao & Lidan Mao, Foreign Language College, Agriculture University of Hebei

    The listening teaching incorporated with computer web-based learning platform technology, has offered the opportunity for English listening teaching. This paper firstly introduces the web-based... More

    pp. 129-138

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  12. Design of a College English Mobile Learning System Based on CAD Model

    Xin Zhang, School of International Education, Dalian Polytechnic University; Jingxuan Bi, Foreign Language Department, Dalian Medical University

    With the development of mobile Internet technology and the advent of the information age, people's demand for mobile learning is growing and the studies on mobile English learning platform are also... More

    pp. 139-149

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  13. Design and Development of WEB-based Remote Network Physical Education Teaching Platform in Colleges and Universities

    Ying Zhang, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences

    Web-based remote education mainly depends on computer network and multime-dia technology supplemented with geographically dispersed teachers and stu-dents, making teachers and students carry out... More

    pp. 150-161

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  14. Agent-based Individual Network Teaching System for Modern History Outline of China

    Xianguo Jia, Bengbu Medical College

    Individual distance teaching introduces individual services in traditional network teaching, overall considers learning conditions of students at different levels and the relevance of teaching... More

    pp. 162-175

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  15. Development of a Cloud-based Network Teaching Platform

    Renshu Huang, Xiamen Institute of Software Technology

    at present, teachers and students are unable to communicate with each other face to face directly in the network courses so that the teaching quality has been lowered. Meanwhile, the traditional... More

    pp. 176-186

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  16. Multimedia Teaching Platform for Urban Planning Utilizing 3D Technology

    Xuhui Wang, Northwest University; Quan Zhang, Xi’an city planning design and research institute; Yanyi Chen & Shihao Liang, Chang'an University

    In recent years, 3D technology based on computer and internet has achieved high-speed development. People have realized direct and stereo observation of realistic world. Three-dimensional and... More

    pp. 187-199

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  17. Design and Application of a Remote Electronic Communication Teaching System in a Network Environment

    Wei Zhai, Xi'an Aeronautical University

    With the design and application of remote teaching system as the research target, this study uses the research methods of literature research method, website inves-tigation method and system... More

    pp. 200-208

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  18. The practice of “Task-driven Small-step Fast-forward Teaching Method” in Computer Course

    Haibin Wang, Department of Information Engineering, Xingtai Polytechnic College; Hua Sun, Xingtai Radio and TV University; Juanjuan Gao, Department of Information Engineering, Xingtai Polytechnic College; Xia Liu & Haili Liang, School of Mathematics and Information Technology, Xingtai University

    Due to many factors, the quality of students in higher vocational colleges has fall-en sharply. It’s a question worth studying to get more students to listen, study, understand and learn in class. ... More

    pp. 209-216

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