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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Jul 12, 2017 Volume 12, Number 7

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Number of articles: 15

  1. Multimedia Teaching Platform Design for Urban Planning Course Based on Information Entropy

    Xiaopeng Jing, Chang'an University

    The information entropy theory involves such important concepts as the amount of information and information entropy, and it is widely applied in educational field. At present, teaching contents of... More

    pp. 4-16

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  2. Exploration of An Open Online Learning Platform Based on Google Cloud Computing

    Kai Zhao, Qingxue Yang & Xinming Ma

    With the progress of society, traditional online learning platforms have demonstrated the uneven distribution of information resources, and teacher–student communication exhibits a certain delay.... More

    pp. 17-31

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  3. An Online Interaction Mode for International Trade Practice Course under Network Environment

    Sasa Zhu, Hunan Vocational College of Modern Logistics

    In this study, behavior sequence analysis was applied to analyze behavior transformation pattern of students’ online study after the introduction of animation design in the course of International ... More

    pp. 32-43

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  4. Design and Analysis of Online Micro-course of Garden Architecture Design Based on CPC Model

    Lili Liu, Chang'an University

    In the network information age, micro-course is a brand-new teaching method which integrates conciseness, vividness, visualizability and distinctiveness. It is also a means of educational... More

    pp. 44-55

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  5. Mobile Teaching of Digital Mapping Based on the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform

    Caiyun Gao & Jingyan Wang

    Digital mapping is a core and basic course for students who are majoring in Surveying and Mapping Engineering. The traditional teaching model, which is limited by classroom size, credit hours, and ... More

    pp. 56-67

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  6. Construction of Multimedia Teaching Platform for Community Nursing Based on Teaching Resource Library Technology

    Pan Li & Chunyan Li, Xiangnan University

    with the development of information technology, multimedia teaching appears in college education and brings great convenience for college teaching. The teaching resource library is the core part of... More

    pp. 68-78

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  7. Mobile Multimedia Classroom Construction for Rhythmic Gymnastics Based on APT Teaching Model

    Youguo Shi, Bengbu Medical College; Shuqin Chen, Bengbu College; Haitao Wang, Huaibei Normal University

    APT teaching model is an information-based teaching model which includes Assessment, Pedagogy and Technology. It can improve students’ learning initiative and autonomous learning ability. In this... More

    pp. 79-89

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  8. Design of 3D Animation Special Effects in Animation 3D Modeling Teaching Based on QFD Theory

    Qiong Wang, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

    A multimedia teaching device based on synchronous text teaching content display was designed by utilizing multimedia and animation technology. The device can make relevant text appear synchronously... More

    pp. 90-100

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  9. Construction of xAPI-based Multimedia Interaction Technology in Architectural Design Teaching

    Haiou Wang, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

    Architectural design involves both aesthetic design and mechanical calculation. It is not limited to theoretical graphics, but also needs practical support. Traditional multimedia teaching only... More

    pp. 101-111

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  10. Teaching Mode of Mechanical Design Course based on Simulation Analysis Technology

    Xueyi Li, Junying Wei, Shuhui Ding & Quanwei Wang, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology

    Mechanical design course covers various contents, and most of them are complex theoretical knowledge. However, current teaching modes in China mainly combine textbook with PPT (PowerPoint) created ... More

    pp. 112-123

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  11. Application of Practical Curriculum for College Specialty of Economic Management under TPACK Framework – Taking “Enterprise Operation and Decision Simulation System” Curriculum as an Example

    Tian Tao, Zou Nengfeng, Jiang Jiyu & Xu Xiaochun

    As a new type of educational knowledge integration framework under the appeal for informatization, Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) has become a prerequisite for teachers to ... More

    pp. 124-135

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  12. Research on Teaching Method of Mold Course Based on CAD/CAE/CAM Technology

    Xueyi Li, Shuhui Ding, Junying Wei & Quanwei Wang, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology

    The teaching of the traditional mold courses focus on the illustration of theoretical knowledge. Therefore, associating the design, evaluation, and manufacture links as a whole is difficult.... More

    pp. 136-145

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  13. Investigation and Analysis of College Students' Cognition in Science and Technology Competitions

    Hongwei Yue, Ken Cai, Yibin Yu, Yihong He & Yingying Jin

    Science and technology competitions are an important platform to verify the use and improve the mastery of professional knowledge of college students. These competitions are also important in... More

    pp. 146-157

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  14. Construction of Interactive Teaching System for Exercise Training Based on Education Video Resource Push Technology

    Lizheng Zhang, Beijing City University; Fatao Wang, Beijing Union University; Aili Qi, Guizhou University of Engineering Science

    Due to imbalanced PE teaching resources and single mode, PE teaching development lags behind. With the help of multimedia technology, an interactive system based on resource push was constructed in... More

    pp. 158-169

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  15. Exploring the Convergence of the Mobile Learning Mode in Network Environment and the Traditional Classroom Teaching Mode

    Wang Lin

    The mobile network learning mode has been praised by many learners because of the convenience of using mobile phones. At the same time, it has posed great challenges to traditional teaching modes. ... More

    pp. 170-181

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