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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Dec 20, 2017 Volume 12, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 15

  1. Application of Digital Music Technology in Music Pedagogy

    Peiwei Zhang & Xin Sui, Northeast Agricultural University

    This paper expounds the concept and current development of digital music technology in modern times by exploration and analysis around the music technology, in order to better develop music... More

    pp. 4-13

  2. Music Solfeggio Learning Platform Construction and Application

    Qiao Zhou & Baihui Yan, Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University

    To better develop the music learning, this paper completes the design and realization of a music solfeggio teaching system by combining with practical teaching conditions of the music academy.... More

    pp. 14-23

  3. The Effects of the CALL Model on College English Reading Teaching

    Dan Zhang & Xiaoying Wang, Zhejiang University

    Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is an important concept in English teaching method reform. College students’ English reading ability is an important indicator in the evaluation on the... More

    pp. 24-34

  4. The Construction of Intelligent English Teaching Model Based on Artificial Intelligence

    Xiaoguang Li, Taiyuan University

    In order to build a modernized tool platform that can help students improve their English learning efficiency according to their mastery of knowledge and personality, this paper develops an online ... More

    pp. 35-44

  5. Design and Implementation of English Reading Examination System Based on WEB Platform

    Lan Guo, Zhiyu Zhao, Lu Bai, Jing Lv & Xin Zhao, North China University of Science and Technology

    For the self-assessment and practice-based improvement of students' English reading level, this paper designed an English reading test system based on the WEB platform, which will enrich the... More

    pp. 45-56

  6. On Spoken English Phoneme Evaluation Method Based on Sphinx-4 Computer System

    Li Qin, School of Foreign Languages, Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology

    In oral English learning, HDPs (phonemes that are hard to be distinguished) are areas where Chinese students frequently make mistakes in pronunciation. This paper studies a speech phoneme... More

    pp. 57-66

  7. Computer Multimedia Assisted English Vocabulary Teaching Courseware

    Nan Yue, Normal English department, Foreign Language College, Beihua University

    English vocabulary is often regarded as the most boring link in English learning. However, English vocabulary is the basis of all aspects of English learning. Therefore, enriching the process of... More

    pp. 67-78

  8. Multi-Interactive Teaching Model of College English in Computer Information Technology Environment

    Jianlan Wen, School of Foreign Languages, Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology; Wei Wu, School of International Studies, Sun Yat-sen University

    The multi-interactive teaching mode of college English takes students as the center and the task as the link, realizing the combination of classroom teaching and network-based autonomous learning... More

    pp. 79-90

  9. Design Flow of English Learning System Based on Item Response Theory

    Yuemei Liu & Xuetao Zhao, College of foreign language, Hebei Agricultural University

    The popularity of computer technology in English teaching has led to the establishment of many English learning platforms, but the enhancement of students’ English proficiency is limited due to the... More

    pp. 91-102

  10. Application of Kinect Technology in Blind Aerobics Learning

    Hui Qu, Hunan Institute of Engineering

    In order for blind people to learn aerobics more conveniently, we combined Kinect skeletal tracking technology with aerobics-assisted training to design a Kinect-based aerobics-assisted training... More

    pp. 103-111

  11. Discovery and Recommendation of First-Hand Learning Resources Based on Public Opinion Cluster Analysis

    Haiyun Li, Xuebo Zhang & Junhui Wang, South China Normal University

    This paper explores the personalized approach of the public opinion cluster analysis for learning resources based on the server-side predetermined analysis, in order to introduce the personalized... More

    pp. 112-118

  12. Evaluation of Sports Visualization Based on Wearable Devices

    Bin Wang, Yunnan Normal University

    In order to visualize the physical education classroom in school, we create a visualized movement management system, which records the student's exercise data efficiently and stores data in the... More

    pp. 119-126

  13. Application of Data Mining in Library-Based Personalized Learning

    Lin Luo, Chongqing Radio & TV University

    this paper expounds to mine up data with the DBSCAN algorithm in order to help teachers and students find which books they expect in the sea of library. In the first place, the model that DBSCAN... More

    pp. 127-133

  14. A Personalized Recommender System Based on Library Database

    Chunyan Xu, Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering

    In recent years, the university libraries in China have acquired increasingly abundant electronic resources. However, the information silo phenomenon appears due to the lack of connection between... More

    pp. 134-141

  15. Music Learning Based on Computer Software

    Baihui Yan & Qiao Zhou, Add Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University

    In order to better develop and improve students’ music learning, the authors proposed the method of music learning based on computer software. It is still a new field to use computer music software... More

    pp. 142-150