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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Sep 01, 2016 Volume 11, Number 8

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Evaluation of Several New Models to Teach English as a Second Language

    Jian Wang, Department of College English, Zaozhuang University

    With the development of modern society, it is commonly accepted in China that English as a second language has attracted much attention especially for students. How to select an appropriate model... More

    pp. 4-8

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  2. Teaching Model of College English Using a Computer Network

    Haiqing Hu, Department of Basic Learning, Nanjing Institute of Transportation Technology

    Motivation for reform and development for teaching of college English is strengthened by the increasing popularity of computers and global network technology. This paper analyzes the relationship... More

    pp. 9-15

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  3. Application of Teaching Quality Assessment Based on Parallel Genetic Support Vector Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Teaching System

    Haifeng Hu & Junhui Zheng, College of Information Technology, Pingdingshan University

    With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, the scale of students has expanded gradually, which has led to many new problems, including the problems of the quality and the... More

    pp. 16-21

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  4. Research and Implementation of Multimedia Server Management in Distributed Multimedia Distance Education System

    Xinming Han, Department of Journalism, Southwest University of Science and Technology

    Multimedia distance education is the teaching mode based on computer and network, so that we can accomplish the tasks of teaching in different places or at different times. The distributed... More

    pp. 22-26

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  5. Application of E-Learning Assessment Based on AHP-BP Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Teaching Platform

    Chuanfu Hu, School of Computing, Dongguan University of Technology

    With the increasing development of the Internet, students began to learn quickly through information technology and Internet technology. E-learning is not only an important part of China's higher... More

    pp. 27-32

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  6. Research on the Impact of Multimedia Computer-based English Teaching in High School

    Tao Guo, Collage of Information Science & technology, Agricultural University of Hebei; Qijian Jia, Rural Development Institute, Agriculture University of Hebei

    With the establishment of new curriculum standards, the study of English calls for “task based” learning. How to practically and effectively carry out reforms on English education and teaching in... More

    pp. 33-39

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  7. Study on the Integration Mode of Computer Network Technology and College English Curriculum

    Zuhua Guo & Lixin Xu, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Henan Institute of Technology

    Teachers suffer from educating while students struggle with examination. College English teaching is too time-consuming and inefficient. These have been topics of concern and interest in the reform... More

    pp. 40-46

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  8. Computer Network Assisted Teaching of College English Reading

    Meng Xu, Institute of information technology and communication, Beihua University; Kang Lv, Department of computer, Henan Institute of Education; Xinwen Bi, Institute of information technology and communication, Beihua University

    The use of modern science and technology related to teaching equipment has created a new mode of English reading, and the network environment has opened a new world for English reading. In this... More

    pp. 47-53

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  9. Research on Key Techniques for Enginery Teaching Platform Based on Computer Dynamic Simulation Technique

    Huiping Guo, Lin Zhu & Fengxin Yan, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Northwest A&F University

    The web teaching platform based on virtual reality technique is a challenge to the traditional teaching mode and a necessity with the development and maturity of information technologies. Based on ... More

    pp. 54-58

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  10. Computer English Teaching Model Based on Multimedia Platform

    Shaohua Shi, Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics

    Currently, multimedia-assisted foreign language teaching is a topic of high interest in the field of foreign language teaching. The combination between multimedia and foreign language teaching... More

    pp. 59-64

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  11. College English Teaching Design and Practice Based on Cross-cultural Theory

    Xin Zhao, Jitang College of North China University of Science and Technology; Shuang Gu & Shanshan Yu, College of Foreign Languages, North China University of Science and Technology; Mingli Gao, Jitang College of North China University of Science and Technology

    The theoretical bases for the thesis are cross-cultural foreign language education theory, systemic education theory and multimedia-assisted English teaching theory. At first, the thesis summarizes... More

    pp. 65-70

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  12. Research and Software Development of Active Learning Mode for College Students Based on Computer Network

    Jingfang Wu, School of Foreign Languages, Hunan City University

    With the development of information technology, especially the fast development of Internet technology, the network technology has expanded to all walks of life. Using Internet to acquire knowledge... More

    pp. 71-77

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