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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Jun 27, 2016 Volume 11, Number 6

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Research on Web-based Autonomous English Learning of Engineering Students

    Shuping Yao, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology

    With the development of computer and internet technology, web-based autonomous learning is increasingly becoming an essential element in the learning process for college students. Web-based... More

    pp. 4-9

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  2. A Semantic Analysis of the Learner’s Disorientation

    Samia Ait Adda, Phd Student, National High School of Computer Science, Oued Smar, Algiers, Algeria (ESI); Nabila Bousbia, Doctor, National High School of Computer Science, Oued Smar, Algiers, Algeria (ESI); Amar Balla, Professor, National High School of Computer Science, Oued Smar, Algiers, Algeria (ESI)

    Learning systems are dedicated for learning about a particular area organized through non-linear documents. Therefore, it is always useful to recognize the state of knowledge and the navigation... More

    pp. 10-18

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  3. Empirical Research on the Effectiveness of MOOCs in Developing Design Students on Sino-foreign Cooperation University Programs

    Tiejun Zhu, Anhui Polytechnic University

    Nowadays, the implementation of Sino-foreign cooperative education program has become an essential way to internationalize Chinese higher education.The large number of MOOC online resources... More

    pp. 19-27

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  4. New Weighted Clustering Approach to Map and Prioritise Learning Knowledge Objects towards Learning Approaches

    Sai Sabitha, Amity University Uttar Pradesh; Deepti Mehrotra, amity university uttar pradesh; Abhay Bansal, AMITY UNIVERSITY UP

    To have a unique learning experience and a high learning impact, diverse courses should be incorporated in e-Learning. Learning Management System, a tool in e-Learning manages and delivers content ... More

    pp. 28-34

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  5. Online and other ICT-based Training Tools for Problem-solving Skills


    Problem-solving requires creative skills, critical thinking as well the ability to implement ideas and theories in practical ways. Moreover, interactive and self-managed problem-solving experiences... More

    pp. 35-39

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  6. Exploration and Practice on Class Field in Information Engineering

    Kun Zheng, Department of Information Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China; Jing Zhou, Chang-Yong Yang & Guang-Min Sun

    A lack of student knowledge practice is a problem under the influence of the concept of traditional teaching and traditional classroom. And the proportion of knowledge inheritance is far more than ... More

    pp. 40-45

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  7. Research on Teaching Materials Management of Track and Field Web Course in College of Physical Education

    Weiliang Lin, College of physical education and sports science, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China

    The purpose of this research is to analyze the teaching material management and its effect of the web course, using track and field (T&F) web course in Guangzhou University as an example. Methods: ... More

    pp. 46-54

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  8. Choosing the Right Learning Management System (LMS) for the Higher Education Institution Context: A Systematic Review

    Nurul Mohd Kasim & Fariza Khalid, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

    A Learning Management System (LMS) is one e-learning tool that has been widely used to improve students’ learning experience and the construction of their understanding of certain topics. This... More

    pp. 55-61

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  9. Study on the Web Courses Resources Recommendation System based on WP Algorithm

    Hua Zhang, Fuyang Vocational and Technical College; Shi-jue Zheng & Hong Xu

    To solve the problem of low WEB course resources utilization rate and help users quickly find the high-quality course resources, a WEB course resources recommendation system based on WP algorithm... More

    pp. 62-67

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  10. A Survey of Assignments in Undergraduate Computer Architecture Courses

    Dimitris Kehagias, Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens Ag. Spiridona Str 12210 Egaleo Athens, Greece

    Computer architecture is an essential topic in undergraduate Computer Science (CS) curricula. Teaching computer architecture courses to CS students can be challenging, as the concepts are on a high... More

    pp. 68-72

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