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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

May 23, 2016 Volume 11, Number 5

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Design and Implementation of Music Teaching Platform in College Based on Android Mobile Technology

    Juan Tong, Henan Polytechnic

    multi-media teaching is the trend for improving teaching approach, yet what is currently prevalent in university education is its low interaction and inefficient knowledge absorption level.... More

    pp. 4-9

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  2. Construction and Application of WeChat Learning Platform in "Folk Literature" Teaching

    Wei SHANG, Hubei University of Arts and Science

    WeChat as a type of mobile software with social communication attribute and platform function can offer a new platform and application mode for distance education. Real-time communication and good ... More

    pp. 10-15

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  3. Design and Application of Micro-video Course Recording in "General City Planning" Course

    Kanhua YU, Chang'an University

    as information technology flourishes, use ratio of network and mobile terminal devices keeps rising. Microlecture as a new course resource and learning style jumps into people's vision. This paper ... More

    pp. 16-21

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  4. Design and Application of Multimedia Teaching Video System for Dance Major Based on Cloud Computing Technology

    Xiang Li, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

    There are more and more users of mobile internet. In teaching system, as equipment used by each school is complicated and network heterogeneity constantly improves, users have higher and higher... More

    pp. 22-26

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  5. Development of Network Interactive Teaching Materials and Empirical in "Management" Courses

    Xiaobo JIA, Chongqing Youth Vocational & Technical College; Juying HUANG, Chongqing City Management Vocational College

    network interactive teaching material utilizes multimedia technology for digital processing of traditional paper content and makes the teaching material suitable for various electronic terminals.... More

    pp. 27-32

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  6. Realization and Application of Multimedia Video System Based on Web Server in Teaching of Engineering Measurement

    Xiaorong Wang, Jiangsu Financial Vocational College

    In recent years, a new teaching mode – multimedia video system has risen sharply with the rapid development of network technology, computer hardware and software technology and multimedia... More

    pp. 33-38

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  7. Application of Automatic Choreography Software Based on Virtual Technology in the Gymnastics Teaching

    Yingbao ZHOU, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

    this research designed simulation system of gymnastics automatic choreography software. To successfully design the gymnastics movements, experiment adopted solutions based on key frame spline... More

    pp. 39-44

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  8. Using a 3D Technology in the Network Distance Teaching of "Sports Training"

    Yongsheng QI, Bengbu Medical College; Youguo SHI, BengBu Medical College

    As a new modern educational technology, the real time recording and playing has great significance in promoting distance learning, independent study and teaching quality. This research designed and... More

    pp. 45-50

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  9. Development and Teaching Application of New Intelligent Courseware in "Sports Economics"

    Youguo SHI, Bengbu Medical College; Shuqin CHEN

    During the development of information technology, the application of multimedia courseware in teaching activities has become a trend of current education. Flash is widely applied in multimedia... More

    pp. 51-55

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  10. Construction of Distance Education Classroom in Architecture Specialty Based on Internet of Things Technology

    Yuqiao YANG & Kanhua YU, Chang’an University

    Internet of Things technology and industrial development will trigger a new round of information technology revolution and industrial revolution, and they are the commanding point of future... More

    pp. 56-61

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  11. Application and Empirical Investigation of New MOOC Teaching System in Computer Application Course

    Zhenhua JI, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College

    this paper summarized the characteristics of the traditional computer teaching, through analysis, it pointed out the deficiencies of the traditional computer teaching in the process. This paper... More

    pp. 62-67

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  12. A Low Memory 3D Animation Technology for "Animation Design" Course

    Zhenyan QIN, Anhui Jianzhu University; Zonghua TAO, Anhui Sanlian University

    This paper introduces a “low memory” 3D animation design technology teaching system, and fully describes the design requirements, design thought, and main modules of the system. On this basis, an... More

    pp. 68-73

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