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Digital Education Review

December 2014 Volume 26, Number

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Blogs as Eportfolio Platforms in Teacher Education: Affordances and Limitations Derived from Student Teachers' Perceptions and Performance on Their Eportfolios

    Gemma Tur & Santos Urbina

    At the University of the Balearic Islands, in Ibiza local centre, an eportfolio project in Teacher Education has been implemented since the 2009-2010 school year. This article is based on the... More

    pp. 1-23

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  2. Augmented Reality Environments in Learning, Communicational and Professional Contexts in Higher Education

    Jorge Martín Gutiérrez & María Dolores Meneses Fernández

    This paper explores educational and professional uses of augmented learning environment concerned with issues of training and entertainment. We analyze the state-of-art research of some scenarios... More

    pp. 22-35

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  3. Digital Storytelling: A Case Study of the Creation, and Narration of a Story by EFL Learners

    Betlem Soler Pardo

    The use of technology to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) has been greatly expanded in recent decades, and has also been construed by educators as a fresh alternative to traditional... More

    pp. 74-84

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