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Eastern Educational Research Association

February 1997

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 4

  1. Teacher Education Field Experiences: Impact on Self-Esteem of Professional Year Program Interns via Electronic Portfolios

    Charles W. Ryan

    The College of Education and Human Services at Wright State University (Ohio) has been working since 1987 to develop and refine a portfolio assessment approach for use with candidates preparing for... More

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  2. Myself as Website: An Evaluation

    Karen K. Block

    This paper discusses the learning issues involved when setting computer literacy objectives for graduate students in education. Stated and evaluated here are simple computer use assignments... More

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  3. Incorporating Individual Learning Styles into Computer Assisted Environments for Instruction Basic Research and Statistical Concepts

    Abbot L. Packard

    The instructional design possibilities of a computer-assisted learning environment that would provide feedback to students in an introductory statistics class were studied. Cognitive styles that... More

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  4. The Use of the Johnson-Neyman Confidence Bands and Multiple Regression Models To Investigate Interaction Effects: Important Tools for Educational Researchers and Program Evaluators

    John W. Fraas & Isadore Newman

    When investigating the impact of predictor variables on an outcome variable or measuring the effectiveness of an educational program, educational researchers and program evaluators cannot ignore... More

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