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ED-MEDIA 2002--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications



Philip Barker; Samuel Rebelsky

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Number of papers: 533

  1. Collaborative Knowledge Building: A Learning Module in Shadow netWorkspace Learning System

    Hsinyi Peng, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States; Yimei Lin, Hsinyi Peng, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States; Joshua S Gottdenker, University of Missouri-Columbia, United States

    Shadow netWorkspace(SNS) is designed and developed as a free, open source, network-based work environment specifically for use in K-12 schools to support schools and learning. In this paper, we... More

    pp. 1133-1137

  2. Remote, Proximal and Simulated Access to Laboratory Aardware - A Pilot Study

    Euan Lindsay & Malcolm Good, The University of Melbourne, Australia

    This paper details a pilot study into alternative forms of access to laboratory hardware for final year undergraduate teaching. Students were given three different assignments to complete using an... More

    pp. 1138-1143

  3. Two approaches to enable the sharing and reuse of resources across instututions

    Lorna Campbell & Allison Littlejohn, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

    Over the past two years, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council has funded a programme of pioneering projects examining staff development in the use of communication and information... More

    pp. 1144-1145

  4. WebQuest: An Innovative Way of Applying Information Resources to Furnish Performance Tasks

    Juhong Liu, East Tennessee State University, China; Catherine Edwards, University School, East Tennessee State University, United States

    WebQuests are designed to offer interdisciplinary opportunities that enhance student skills of learning by performing tasks, and encourage collegiality and ability of information processing in the ... More

    pp. 1146-1149

  5. Designing Interactive Multimedia Learning Environments to Support Cognitive Skills Development

    Min Liu, University of Texas-Austin, United States

    Most of us will probably agree that developing cognitive skills is an important goal for education, and is of particular significance for life long learners. It is an area that requires continuous ... More

    p. 1150

  6. The Challenge of Being an Instructional Designer for New Media Development: A View From the Practitioners

    Min Liu, Scott Gibby, Ondrea Quiros & Elaine Demps, Univ. of Texas-Austin, United States

    The purpose of this study is to learn from the practitioners the roles and responsibilities of an instructional designer in developing new media enhanced instructional materials. We are... More

    pp. 1151-1157

  7. AWS: Bridging the gap between awareness and proactive Tutorware

    Pedro Lopez, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain

    The design and implementation of advanced tutorware applications is a complex issue requiring detailed information about the studied system, and a solid knowledge base enabling suitable tutorship... More

    pp. 1158-1163

  8. The Human Touch: Incorporating Service-Learning into an Online Course

    Lesa Lorenzen Huber, Indiana University, United States

    Technology has made access to many types of learning possible. In courses that focus on human service, where field experience has been a widely used element in constructivist learning, the online... More

    pp. 1164-1169

  9. Viewing the Reviewing - An observational study of the use of an interactive digital video to help teach the concepts of Design Inspection Reviews

    Matthew Love, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

    "Design Inspection Reviews" are structured meetings in which participants follow certain rules of procedure and behaviour when conducting detailed readings of design plans to identify errors and... More

    pp. 1170-1175

  10. Promoting Student Learning through Peer Tutoring – A Case Study

    Barney Clarkson & Joe Luca, Edith Cowan University, Australia

    The literature abounds with information about peer tutoring and the benefits that it can bring to student learning. This case study sought to explore ways of using peer tutoring to enhance the... More

    pp. 1176-1181

  11. Turning a Current Trend into a Valuable Instrument: Multidimensional Educational Multimedia based on XML

    Djamshid Tavangarian & Ulrike Lucke, University of Rostock, Germany

    This paper gives an overview on the work of the joint project "Wissenswerkstatt Rechensysteme" (WWR, engl.: Knowledge Factory for Computing Systems), that is done by twelve German universities... More

    pp. 1182-1187

  12. CaSA: A Technology-Based Solution to Improve Learning

    Chia Y. Han & Jerome Eric Luczaj, University of Cincinnati, United States

    Immediate feedback and assessment, active and interactive learning, and timely changes to adaptively deliver the curricular objectives within an integrated environment promote effective learning. ... More

    pp. 1188-1189

  13. Online professional development for teachers: Findings from a formative and collaborative inquiry

    Rhonda Robinson & Lara Luetkehans, Northern Illinois University, United States

    This presentation will describe and report the findings from two offerings of a new online course on "engaged learning with technology" delivered to K12 inservice teachers. The course emerged as a ... More

    pp. 1190-1191

  14. Applying qualitative research in e-learning. Discussion and findings from three case studies. Investigating the quality of e-learning

    Athanasia Pouloudi, Angeliki Poulymenakou & Miltiadis Lytras, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

    The case of learning in digital economy 's era is a fascinating phenomenon. The complexity of learning integrated with the diversification of new technologies set a dynamic landscape where the... More

    pp. 1192-1194

  15. Semantics for E-learning: An advanced Knowledge Management oriented metadata schema for learning purposes

    Athanasia Pouloudi & Miltiadis Lytras, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

    In recent years many researchers try to investigate the direct or indirect impact of knowledge management approaches to the achievement of strategic corporate objectives. Several approaches have... More

    pp. 1195-1197

  16. Learning support, training and environment necessary for effective online teaching and learning: Sevenoaks Senior College

    Jean Macnish, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

    The study examines the support, training and environment likely to make possible effective online teaching and learning. It focuses on an innovative new senior college in Perth, Western Australia... More

    pp. 1198-1199

  17. Informatics and Media Education- Designing a Curriculum for Media Education in Teacher Training with regard to Basic Areas of Informatics

    Johannes Magenheim, University of Paderborn, Germany

    Abstract: The Didactics of Informatics research group at the University of Paderborn is involved in efforts to design, implement and evaluate a curriculum for Media education for prospective... More

    pp. 1200-1205

  18. Enhancing Scientific Practice and Education Through Collaborative Digital Libraries

    Gaurav Maini, Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, Texas A&M University, United States; Teongjoo Ong, Center for the Study of Digital Libraries; John Leggett, Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, Texas A&M University, College Station, United States

    The need for accurate and current scientific information in the fast paced Internet-aware world has prompted the scientific community to develop tools that reduce the scientist's time and effort to... More

    pp. 1206-1212

  19. Dynamic Educational e-Content Selection using Multiple Criteria Analysis in Web-based Personalised Learning Environments

    Nikos Manouselis & Demetrios Sampson, Center for Research and Technology - Hellas, Greece

    In this paper we deal with the problem of dynamically selecting a knowledge route suitable to individual learner's needs and profile, through a set of learning resources. We engage parameters of... More

    pp. 1213-1218

  20. Supporting Interns' Work in Inclusive Classrooms

    John Davis & Cindy Marble, University of Idaho, United States

    The University of Idaho has been redesigning its teacher preparation program for four years. The redesign has included the development of a set of core courses that are required for all teacher... More

    pp. 1219-1220