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Computers in the Schools

1987 Volume 4, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. The Relationship between Computer Technology and the Reading Process: Match or Misfit?

    George E. Mason

    Describes four models of the psychological process of reading, and relates them to computer technology. The physiological process of reading printed text from a display screen is discussed,... More

    pp. 15-23

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  2. Instructional Design Issues in Computer-Based Reading: Reinforcement and Objectives

    Jay S. Blanchard

    This review of cognitive development research in the area of computer-based reading instruction focuses on reinforcement and instructional objectives. Differences between extrinsic and intrinsic... More

    pp. 25-35

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  3. Organizing Computers for Reading Instruction

    Shelley B. Wepner & Steven Kramer

    Presents four steps for integrating computer technology into a school district's reading and language arts curriculum for elementary and secondary schools: (1) needs assessment; (2) planning; (3)... More

    pp. 53-66

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  4. Studies in Word Processing and Writing

    Thomas T. Barker

    Reviews studies that deal with word processing and writing. Areas covered include surveys of research on the effects of word processing on writing instruction; students' attitudes toward writing;... More

    pp. 109-21

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  5. Computer-Measured Readability

    Timothy Standal

    Discussion of the notion of readability focuses on predicting readability with computerized readability formulas. Semantic and syntactic factors are discussed, the development of readability... More

    pp. 123-32

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