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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

September 2018 Volume 18, Number 3


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Editorial: The Role of Teachers in Teaching and Learning With Technology

    Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware, United States

    CITE Journal as a whole squarely addresses the role and preparation of teachers in relation to technology. The papers in this issue, however, serve as an important reminder of the role of teachers ... More

    pp. 491-493

  2. Preservice Teachers’ Creation of Dynamic Geometry Sketches to Understand Trigonometric Relationships

    Aaron Brakoniecki, Boston University, United States; Julie Amador, University of Idaho, United States; David Glassmeyer, Kennesaw State University, United States

    Dynamic geometry software can help teachers highlight mathematical relationships in ways not possible with static diagrams. However, these opportunities are mediated by teachers’ abilities to... More

    pp. 494-507

  3. Youth Views of Science and Engineering in a Program for Preparing Teachers to Use Educational Technology in STEM

    Stephen Adams, Paul Burns & Lisa Martin-Hansen, California State University, Long Beach, United States

    As part of a graduate course for supporting K-12 teachers’ use of technology in teaching STEM subjects, teachers worked in teams to create workshops for youth at a community organization. Teachers ... More

    pp. 508-537

  4. A Critical Metaphor Analysis of Educational Technology Research in the Social Studies

    Lance Mason, Indiana University Kokomo, United States

    This study employs Lakoff & Johnson’s conception of metaphor as rooted in embodied experiences to investigate educational technology discourse in the social studies. The last 3 years of... More

    pp. 538-555

  5. Supervisor Learning through Collaborative Video Inquiry: It's Not Just for Teacher Candidates

    Laura Baecher, Sherryl Browne Graves & Fatma Ghailan, Hunter College, CUNY, United States

    The feedback provided to teachers by their supervisors, in pre-service and in-service settings, is considered to be essential to teacher learning. Incorporating video records into these mentoring ... More

    pp. 556-577

  6. A Window into the Classroom: Examining the Use of Virtual Classrooms in Teacher Education

    Pamela Beach, Queen's University, Canada; Rhonda Martinussen, Daniel Poliszczuk & Dale Willows, University of Toronto, Canada

    This exploratory study examined the perceived usefulness of “virtual classroom visits” in literacy education coursework and teacher preparation programs from the perspectives of elementary teacher ... More

    pp. 578-600