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ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference

November 2012


M. Brown; M. Hartnett; T. Stewart

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Number of papers: 178

  1. Embedding eportfolios in teacher education: Lessons from a multi-year implementation

    Christopher Allan & Ben Cleland, University of Tasmania, Australia

    ePortfolios are being used in teacher education across Australia as a technology and as a process. They allow pre -and in-service teachers to showcase teaching practice against teaching standards... More

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  2. Creativity in practice: social media in higher education

    Belinda Allen, Helen Caple, Kate Coleman & Tam Nguyen, The University of New South Wales, Australia

    Creativity, both as a professional capability and as a personal attribute, is acknowledged as an importan t dimension of education for a fast-changing world, relevant to future practice in the... More

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  3. Over a decade of promising pedagogical models and technology for music teaching: Can the past still reliably guide the future?

    Alan Anderson, University of Newcastle, Australia

    Research papers reporting the potential of new technologies and pedagogical models have a tendency to mushroom as educators disseminate the results of promising pilot studies. Some ideas and... More

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  4. Humanizing e-lecturers and engaging online writing students via dialogic video

    Martin Andrew, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

    This paper reports on a study of integrating instructor-produced video 'profcasts' (Edirisingha, Salmon & Fothergill, 2007) into all 12 units of an online Master of Arts in Writing delivered... More

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  5. Distance learners’ use of non-institutional social media to augment and enhance their learning experience

    Trish Andrews, The University of Queensland, Australia; Belinda Tynan, University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Kendra Backstrom, The University of Adelaide, Australia

    This paper reports on initial data elicited from two related studies which draw on the learner voice in relation to experiences of distance learners in their use of social media in higher education... More

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  6. Engaging higher education students via digital curation

    Amy Antonio, Neil Martin & Adrian Stagg, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    The emergence and adoption of freely available digital curation tools has shown a public desire to locate, evaluate and organise web content into manageable, shareable collections. These tools... More

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  7. Follow me! Increasing participation in online conferences

    Amy Antonio, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    There have been mixed reviews about the use of Twitter for increasing interaction during online conferences. Social media platforms such as Twitter have the potential to satisfy a perceived need... More

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  8. Using a Learning Management System organisation as a resource site for blended learning

    Liz Askew, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

    The majority of universities in Australia provide learning and teaching resources to staff via their corporate website, or through their own intranet system. This is not possible at the University ... More

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  9. Growing, leading and measuring online Communities of Practice

    Hazel Owen, Ethos Consultancy NZ Ltd; Diana Ayling, Te Puna Ako – Learning and Teaching Unit, New Zealand

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  10. Thinking, researching and living in virtual professional development community of practice

    Diana Ayling, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand; Hazel Owen, Ethos Consultancy Ltd, New Zealand; Edward Flagg, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

    This paper is a comparative case study of two virtual professional development (VPD) communities of practice established and maintained to support teachers in their learning and development. Each... More

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  11. ASk for student teachers: An online support site for ECE student teachers to develop their academic literacy

    Mark Bassett, New Zealand Tertiary College, New Zealand

    ASk101 is an online academic literacy development site for early childhood teacher education students at New Zealand Tertiary College, a specialist early childhood teacher education provider . The ... More

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  12. Analytics and complexity: Learning and leading for the future

    Colin Beer, CQUniversity, Australia; David Jones, University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Damien Clark, CQUniversity, Australia

    There is growing interest in the application of learning analytics to manage, inform and improve learning and teaching within higher education. In particular, learning analytics is seen as enabling... More

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  13. The challenge for static online resources: The future is dynamic

    Lynn Berry, University of Canberra, Australia

    More universities are providing online courses in response to demands for greater flexibility which consequently places pressure on learning support services, such as, academic skills centres, to... More

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  14. Planning to teach with ICT: Some insights into university teachers’ knowledge

    Shaista Bibi, Lina Markauskaite & David Ashe, The University of Sydney, Australia

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  15. Learning for the future: Online student evaluation of generic and context-specific library skills tutorials

    Ruth Billany, Bernadette Royal & Isabelle Lys, Charles Darwin University, Australia

    This paper reports on a project stimulated by two major challenges facing higher education in the twenty-first century; massification and the citizenisation of academies. This empirical study... More

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  16. Outside in: Beyond blended learning

    Trevor Billany, Charles Darwin University, Australia

    A review of the teaching spaces at Charles Darwin University merged top-down directives with bottom-up requirements from user groups (students, academics and support staff). The space of tension... More

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  17. Using Scenario Planning to Inform Pedagogical Practice in Virtual Worlds in Schools: Collaboration and Structure

    Andrew Cram, Macquarie University, Australia; Katy Lumkin, NSW Department of Education and Communities, Australia; Christopher Alan Bonfield & Kevin John Burden, University of Hull, United Kingdom

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  18. Do Open Educational Resources represent additional challenges or advantages to the current climate of change in the Australian higher education sector?

    Mark Brown, Massey University, New Zealand; Carina Bossu, University of New England, Australia; David Bull, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    This paper briefly reports on a number of Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives in Australia, including some government programs and funding, then explores several of the challenges and... More

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  19. Use of media-rich real-time collaboration tools for learning and teaching in Australian and New Zealand universities

    Matt Bower, Macquarie University, Australia; Gregor E. Kennedy, The University of Melbourne, Australia; Barney Dalgarno & Mark J.W. Lee, Charles Sturt University, Australia; Jacqueline Kenney, Macquarie University, Australia; Paula de Barba, The University of Melbourne, Australia

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  20. Assessment, Physical Education and Mobile Learning

    Margot Bowes, Lecturer, School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, New Zealand

    Margot Bowes is a lecturer in physical education at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. Her research expertise, publications and teaching are in three key areas: critical pedagogies... More

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