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American Psychological Association Annual Meeting

August 2001

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. Paper-and-Pencil or Online? Evaluating Coping and Attachment Measures

    Rachel T. Fouladi, Christopher J. McCarthy & Naomi P. Moller

    In recent years many researchers, clinicians, and testing companies have shifted from paper-and-pencil to computer administrated tests of psychological measures. This paper explores the feasibility... More

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  2. Utility of Course Web Resources for Students with Learning Disabilities

    Charles M. Slem & Steven T. Kane

    This paper describes an approach to meeting the needs of college students with learning disabilities which utilizes Internet resources in an undergraduate introductory psychology course. The course... More

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  3. Asynchronous Approaches to Teaching Psychology Courses Online

    Richard Velayo

    There is evidence of the pedagogical effectiveness of online teaching and the teaching styles that work best with it. However, few studies have looked at the specific pedagogical approaches in... More

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