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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Apr 27, 2018 Volume 34, Number 2


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Finding creative processes in learning design patterns

    Robyn Philip

    Bridging the gap between theory and practice in higher education continues to be problematic for educators. One potential means of addressing this problem and moving practice forward is to... More

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  2. 4FAD: A framework for mapping the evolution of artefacts in the learning design process

    Juan Muoz-Cristbal, Davinia Hernndez-Leo, Lucila Carvalho, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Kate Thompson, Dewa Wardak & Peter Goodyear

    A number of researchers have explored the role and nature of design in education, proposing a diverse array of life cycle models. Design plays subtly different roles in each of these models. The... More

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  3. CuVIS: An interactive tool for instructors to create effective customized learning designs with visualizations

    Gargi Banerjee & Sahana Murthy

    Instructors face difficulty in creating student-centred, customized learning designs (LDs) for teaching with information and communication technology (ICT) tools such as visualizations (animations,... More

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  4. Identifying the characteristics of support Australian university teachers use in their design work: Implications for the learning design field

    Shirley Agostinho, Lori Lockyer & Sue Bennett

    Quality teaching is a strategic objective for universities; thus, there is an expectation that university teachers design high quality learning experience for their students. The field of learning ... More

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  5. Evaluation to support learning design: Lessons learned in a teacher training MOOC

    Muriel Garreta-Domingo, Davinia Hernndez-Leo & Peter Sloep

    The design of learning opportunities is an integral part of the work of all educators. However, educators often lack the design skills and knowledge that professional designers have. One of these... More

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  6. Special Issue on Learning Design Research: Mapping the terrain

    Eva Dobozy & Leanne Cameron

    Learning Design as a field of educational research and practice is gaining traction internationally. Not only is Learning Design now acknowledged as a complex and integrated process, demanding... More

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  7. Informing learning design through analytics: Applying network graph analysis

    Dirk Ifenthaler, David Gibson & Eva Dobozy

    Learning design has traditionally been thought of as an activity occurring prior to the presentation of a learning experience or a description of that activity. With the advent of near real-time... More

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  8. A framework for self-determination in massive open online courses: Design for autonomy, competence, and relatedness

    Neil Martin, Nick Kelly & Peter Terry

    In this paper, we propose a framework for the design of massive open online courses (MOOCs) based upon the principles of self-determination theory, which posits a relationship between intrinsic... More

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