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Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Meeting

August 1995

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 6

  1. Adoption of Information Technology by Advertising Agencies

    Thomas J. Herling & Debra Merskin

    Since little empirical research has been conducted on adoption of currently available information technology by the advertising industry, a study explored the extent of advertising agencies'... More

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  2. Adoption of Computer Communication Technology by Communication Faculty: A Case Study

    Thomas J. Herling

    A comparative case study investigated the extent of adoption of computer communication in two schools of communication. S. Ram's model of resistance to innovation was used as a theoretical... More

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  3. Digital Communications: A Modular Approach to a 21st Century Curriculum

    David R. Thompson

    "Digital communications" refers to a set of four modules--information gathering, message preparation, editing and production, and message delivery. The modular concept is intended to be flexible... More

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  4. Electronic Newspapers: Toward a Research Agenda

    Glen T. Cameron & Patricia A. Curtin

    In the mid-1980s, when early electronic newspapers failed to live up to their promise, industry analysts declared them dead as a mass medium. But just 10 years later, "E-papers" are once again... More

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  5. Use of an Electronic Discussion Group for High School Publications Advisers: A Descriptive Pilot Study

    Eddie Blick

    This study aimed to catalog the nature of written message exchanges on a network computer bulletin board, HSJOURN, which caters mainly to high school journalism teachers and publications advisers. ... More

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  6. Merging the Teaching of Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns onto the Information Superhighway

    Robert L. Gustafson & Steven R. Thomsen

    The American Association for Higher Education is interested in how computers and online communication technologies can help contribute to the teaching and learning process. There are ways, the... More

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