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AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal)

2002 Volume 10, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. One Pixel Short of a Frame: Lessons Learned from a Large-scale (Underfunded) Multimedia Development Project

    Peggy A. Ertmer, Purdue University, United States; Tristan Johnson, Florida State University, United States

    Multimedia development in an academic environment poses both benefits and challenges to project directors and team members due to increased levels of flexibility and changing project roles. ... More

    pp. 3-27

  2. Evaluating and Implementing learning Environments: A United Kingdom Experience

    Adrian Brockett, Sunderland University, United Kingdom; Simon Fitzpatrick, Newcastle University, United Kingdom; Bruce Ingraham, University of Teesside, United Kingdom; Barbara Watson, University of Durham, United Kingdom; Liz McDowell, University of Northumbria, United Kingdom

    This article reports on ongoing work at the five universities in northeastern England, Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland, and Teesside. In common with many universities, all five have... More

    pp. 28-51

  3. Models of Educational Computing @ Home: New Frontiers for Research on Technology in Learning

    Yasmin B. Kafai, University of California—Los Angeles, United States; Barry J. Fishman, University of Michigan, United States; Amy Bruckman, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

    To date, the major emphasis of educational technology researchers has been the development and use of educational technologies within school settings. Noticeably absent has been research and ... More

    pp. 52-68

  4. Using Quality Assurance Strategies for Online Programs

    Judy Lee & Charles Dziuban, University of Central Florida, United States

    Quality assurance strategies in university distance education programs are fundamental if those initiatives are to succeed. This article organizes a quality assessment design around five ... More

    pp. 69-78

  5. Blackbox in the Sandbox: The Decision to Use Technology with Young Children With Annotated Bibliography of Internet Resources for Teachers of Young Children

    Rosemary Skeele & Gretchen Stefankiewicz, Seton Hall University, United States

    Many forces and trends help shape the early childhood curriculum. These are usually accompanied by a variety of conflicting theories of development and learning. Some topics appear to provoke... More

    pp. 79-95