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AACE Journal

2002 Volume 10, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Electronic Accessibility: United States and International Perspectives

    Deanie French, Southwest Texas State University, United States; Leo Valdes, Vancouver

    Bruce Coonce, shown above, is a visually impaired Student Development Specialist employed at Southwest Texas State University. In the link given below his photo, Bruce presents several audio clips ... More

    pp. 1-26

  2. The Need for Assistive Technology in Educational Technology

    Terence Cavanaugh, University of North Florida, United States

    This paper will address definitions, services, leve ls of technology and application of assistive technology concepts as they relate to education. An overview of the NCATE and ISTE guidelines... More

    pp. 27-31

  3. Distance Learning: Universal Design, Universal Access

    Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington, United States

    Distance learning courses offer opportunities for education and career enhancement for those who have access to the technologies they employ. However, many people find themselves on the wrong side ... More

    pp. 32-61

  4. Web Design for Accessibility: Policies and Practice

    Alan Foley, North Carolina State University, United States; Bob Regan, University of Wisconsin, United States

    An essential part of web design today is designing for individuals with disabilities. Many government and educational institutions now require that all web pages follow accessibility guidelines... More

    pp. 62-80

  5. Online Course Accessibility: A Call for Responsibility and Necessity

    Christine Opitz, Arizona State University, United States

    There is becoming an increasing population of online learners with disabilities worldwide; a large percentage of the online learners reside within the United States. In addition to revised legal... More

    pp. 81-105