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Teaching and Learning in Nursing

Volume 5, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Relationships between formalized preceptor orientation and student outcomes

    Alicia L. Warren & Sharon A. Denham

    Competently prepared nurses are expected to provide clinical care and advocate for client care. Preceptors are an important aspect of the solution for assisting student nurses to bridge the gaps... More

    pp. 4-11

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  2. The effects of Jeopardy as a test preparation strategy for nursing students

    Tina Bayer-Hummel

    As teachers, we strive to motivate and inspire our students to participate actively in the learning process. Gaming is an innovative teaching strategy that is an effective use of active learning... More

    pp. 12-15

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  3. A study of nurse faculty job satisfaction in community colleges in Florida

    Kathleen A. Lane, Joni Esser, Betty Holte & Marie Anne McCusker

    There are many factors that influence nurse faculty job satisfaction including professional achievement and growth, interpersonal relations, leadership, recognition, responsibility, salary, and... More

    pp. 16-26

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  4. Online learning: getting comfortable in the cyber class

    Lisa McCord & Walter McCord

    Socioeconomic, professional, and personal desires all provide rationales for nurses to further their education. Online learning is one method many are choosing. It has been shown to be a practical ... More

    pp. 27-32

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  5. The revolution of nursing pedagogy: a transformational process

    Sheryl Allen

    Nursing education is an evolutionary process that has experienced a metamorphosis through different pedagogies from an apprenticeship model in the exclusive clinical setting to a holistic model in ... More

    pp. 33-38

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  6. The intersection of the history of associate degree nursing and “BSN in 10”: Three visible paths

    April D. Matthias

    Associate degree nursing (ADN) education developed from Mildred Montag's research and differentiated practice vision in 1952. From the first set of graduates, Montag's differentiated practice... More

    pp. 39-43

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  7. The effectiveness of the professional portfolio in the hiring process of the associate degree nurse

    Irish Patrick-Williams & Russell Bennett

    The National League of Nursing began requiring schools of nursing to implement professional portfolios in an effort to integrate theory, to demonstrate the mastery of curriculum and skills, and to ... More

    pp. 44-48

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