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SITE 2005--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference



Caroline Crawford; Roger Carlsen; Ian Gibson; Karen McFerrin; Jerry Price; Roberta Weber; Dee Anna Willis

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  1. Leading and teaching in schools of the future: Using interactive video connectivity and networking in educator preparation programs

    Ian Gibson, Wichita State Univ., United States

    In Connectivity, the answer to ending ignorance and separation, Breck (2004) explored the notion that the 'science' of networking was an idea "as revolutionary as evolution" (p. viii). She proposed... More

    pp. 2-11

  2. The road to assessment: An examination of one college's systematic process for evaluating electronic portfolio software

    Paul Alley, Arizona K-12 Center, United States; Michael Blocher & Sherry Markel, Northern Arizona University, United States

    During the spring of 2004, the leadership at Northern Arizona University's College of Education made a decision to implement electronic portfolios in coming semesters. An evaluation team was... More

    pp. 12-13

  3. Faculty Enter Clicking and Dragging into the E-Portfolio Process

    Denise Anderson & James Depaepe, Central Washington University, United States

    Many e-portfolio assessment systems place all of the effort of reporting in the hands of the students. Excuses are made using jargon like "authenticity" and "deeper learning" rather than admitting ... More

    p. 14

  4. Can Digital Teaching Portfolios Become Tools for Technology Integration?

    Rick Baker, Pendergast School District, United States; Alice Christie, Arizona State University, United States

    The purpose of this study was to explore a potential relationship between developing digital teaching portfolios and a propensity to integrate technology in the classroom. Graduate students, who... More

    pp. 15-20

  5. The use of a digital portfolio in counselor supervision: A bridge between the national model and practice.

    Paul Barnes & Paul Clark, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States

    The American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) National Model provides a professional framework and standards to help guide practicing school counselors. In preparation for working with this... More

    pp. 21-25

  6. Portfolio as a Comprehensive Exam: Instigating Change

    Rebecca Fiedler & Donna Baumbach, University of Central Florida, United States

    The authors of this paper proposed the creation of an electronic portfolio to be considered as an alternative to the traditional, paper-based exam and oral defense for Ph.D. students in the... More

    pp. 26-33

  7. A Standards-aligned Portfolio to Assess Math, Science and Technology Knowledge and Skills

    Marwin Britto, Central Washington University, United States

    This paper describes the assessment efforts of the MLMS (Middle Level Math Science) Institute currently being offered at Central Washington University. This grant-driven initiative is designed to... More

    p. 34

  8. Digital Camcorders: A Reflective Mirror

    Martha Burger, Mary Ann Coe & Michael Land, Midwestern State University, United States

    Participants will learn how lesson reflection from memory and after observing a video may serve to improve instruction. The presenter will share results of a project in which two methods of self... More

    p. 35

  9. Researching Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education, Part 2

    Helen Barrett, University of Alaska Anchorage & ISTE, United States; Joanne Carney, Western Washington University, United States; Neal Strudler, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States; Keith Wetzel, Arizona State University-West, United States

    This symposium will draw together the current research activities of several teacher education programs implementing electronic portfolios to address some key questions around implementation. For... More

    pp. 36-39

  10. A Journey of Design: Developing a Technology Based Unit Assessment System: Designing and Implementing a Teacher Education Unit Assessment System

    Terence Cavanaugh, Cathy Cavanaugh & Larry Daniels, University of North Florida, United States

    The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) has developed professional standards for accreditation of academic units offering professional education programs. NCATE requires... More

    pp. 40-46

  11. e-Portfolios as High-Stakes Assessment in a Graduate Distance Education Program

    Rene Corbeil, Cheng-Chang Pan & Michael Sullivan, The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, United States

    According to a study conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (2002), approximately 90 percent of schools, colleges, and departments of education currently use... More

    pp. 47-52

  12. Overarching Views: Instructional Technology Professional Standards and Their Relation to Subject-Specific Professional Technology Standards

    Caroline Crawford, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States

    Preservice educators, inservice educators and teacher education must focus a significant level of time and effort upon professional standards. Of further interest is the alignment of these subject-... More

    pp. 53-58

  13. Student Perception of Assessment Feedback Effects on Online Collaborative Learning

    Maria Lourdes De Hoyos, University of Texas at Austin, United States; Karen L. Murphy, Texas A&M University, United States; Paul Resta, University of Texas at Austin, United States; Xiaobing Yang, Texas A&M University, United States

    The study examines the effects of feedback of peer and self assessments used in six online graduate level courses taught in two universities. The study addresses the effects of graphical vs. non... More

    pp. 59-65

  14. The Internal Consistency of the Mankato Scale: Laying the Foundation for Valid Professional Development Decisions

    Antonia D'Onofrio & Kathleen Bowes, Widener University, United States

    The Mankato Scale has been used since 1992 for staff development purposes. By describing teacher strengths and deficiencies, it points the way for professional development programs leading to... More

    pp. 66-73

  15. Multimedia Capstone Digital Portfolio Assessment: A Comprehensive Assessment Tool for Pre-Service "Product of Learning" That Meets Current Accreditation Standards

    Mercy Fapojuwo, Shaw University, United States

    Abstract: The National Educational Technology Standards Group ( summarized the evolving difference between Traditional Learning Environments and the New Learning Environments ... More

    pp. 74-77

  16. Using Computer Adaptive Tests to Support Research in Teacher Education.

    Leslee Francis Pelton & Tim Pelton, University of Victoria, Canada

    This paper examines the potential utility of using an externally supplied computer adaptive test (CAT) to support the educational process in a mathematics course for pre-service teachers and to... More

    pp. 78-83

  17. Seeking the Perfect Electronic Portfolio Solution: A Case Study

    Teresa Franklin, Ohio University, United States

    Abstract: A phenomenological case study is used to examine the experiences of preservice teachers, faculty, administrators and graduate students when working with three different nationally... More

    pp. 84-87

  18. A Case of Gradual Adoption of Online E-Portfolios in Teacher Preparation Programs

    David Georgi, CSU Bakersfield, United States

    Abstract: This poster session demonstrates how one teacher preparation program is in the process of implementing online e-portfolios. It includes a description of the need for e-portfolios due to... More

    pp. 88-90

  19. Marietta College: Transition to Electronic Portfolios, Assessment and Accreditation

    Constance Golden & Dorothy Erb, Marietta College, United States

    Three years ago Marietta College decided to seek NCATE accreditation and in the process of its self-study, chose to redesign its portfolio requirement to become an assessment instrument, which... More

    pp. 91-95

  20. eDoc: Innovation in Electronic Portfolio Design and Development

    Lesya Hassall, Rema Nilakanta, Margaret Sheppard & Yaoling Wang, Iowa State University, United States

    Abstract: Electronic portfolios as an alternative assessment are quickly becoming viable in higher education. Designing an e-portfolio system which meets the needs of many departments for a... More

    pp. 96-100