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SITE 2013--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 25, 2013


Ron McBride; Michael Searson

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  1. Students’ Perceptions of Learning in a Flipped Statistics Class

    Anthony Dove, Radford University, United States

    Recently a new method of instruction, the flipped classroom, has gained national publicity. In this model, lectures are watched outside of the class and time in class is spent practicing and... More

    pp. 393-398

  2. Do 21st Century Learning Environments Support Self-Directed Learning? Middle School Students’ Response to an Intentionally Designed Learning Environment

    Chris Fahnoe & Punya Mishra, Michigan State University, United States

    21st Century Learning Frameworks identify Self-Directed Learning (SDL) as a being a critical skill for students yet little empirical research is available. This mixed-methods study focuses on self-... More

    pp. 3131-3139

  3. A view into teachers digital pedagogical portfolios showing evidence of their Technological Pedagogical Reasoning

    Vicky Smart, Cheryl Sim & Glenn Finger, Griffith University, Australia

    This paper is a report on the findings of a study undertaken with a number of teachers who have completed their SMART Classrooms Professional Development Framework - Digital Pedagogical License ... More

    pp. 3380-3387

  4. Applying the Model of Digital Literacy Assessment in English Reading and Writing

    Feng Yang, College of Foreign Languages, Beijing University of Technology, China; Lihua Li & Wenjing Gong, College of Foreign Languages,Beijing University of Technology, China

    This study explores the use of an assessment model adapted for College English teaching at a Chinese University. The target goal of the assessment is English-based digital literacy skills, which... More

    pp. 3457-3465

  5. Results from implementation of the Trans-Media book iMAGiNETICspace

    David Slykhuis, James Madison University, United States; Troy Cline, NASA, United States

    iMAGiNETICspace- is a Trans-Media book written in conjunction with NASA about the upcoming Magnetospheric Mulitscale Mission. The book was implemented with almost 300 8th grade students. STEM... More

    pp. 4600-4606

  6. Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Growth in Incorporating Technology into their Teaching Practices

    Barbara Swartz & Joe Garofalo, University of Virginia, United States

    The purpose of this study is to document improvements in pre-service mathematics teachers’ (PSMTs) standards-based use of technology in their teaching over a two-semester mathematics pedagogy... More

    pp. 4870-4877

  7. TPACK: Exploring a Secondary Pre-service Teachers’ Context

    Petrea Redmond, University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Jennifer Lock, University of Calgary, Canada

    Twenty-first century teacher educators need to design learning experiences integrating technology for transformative learning. Bringing together the power of deep content knowledge, pedagogical... More

    pp. 5084-5091