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SITE 2012--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 05, 2012


Paul Resta

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  1. “G2C! TTYL! MYO!” – What? Communicating/Connecting with Digital Natives in Teacher Education

    Jenelle Hodges, Betty Nelson & Feng Sun, University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States; Deborah Newton, Southern Connecticut State University, United States

    What are digital natives and digital immigrants saying about their communication/connecting preferences in teacher education? Is it e-mail, text messaging, blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, course ... More

    pp. 402-403

  2. Aligning Facebook and Twitter with Social Studies Curriculum

    Emin Kilinc, Russell T. Evans & Ummugulsum Korkmaz, Texas A&M University, United States

    The objectives of this presentation cover the importance of science, technology, and society within the social studies classroom. By using social network tools, students will be refining their... More

    pp. 517-521

  3. How Virtual Learning Environments Function to Simulate IEP Team Meetings in a Distance Teacher Education Program

    Lee Mason, The University of Texas at San Antonio, United States; Nancy Glomb & Peter Blair, Utah State University, United States

    The purpose of this study was to identify and examine how virtual simulations function to train pre-service teachers learning to conduct IEP team meetings. Seven pre-service special education... More

    pp. 630-635

  4. Go to Your Classroom and Make Meaning: Using the Digital Fabrication Process to Make Original Pop-up Books in an Afterschool Program

    Shaunna Smith, University of Houston, United States

    This poster session will showcase the educational uses of the digital fabrication process, an affordable, student-friendly design technology. Digital fabrication can be used to make meaningful... More

    pp. 1070-1074

  5. Looking for evidence of change: Evaluation in the Teaching Teachers for the Future project

    Peter Albion, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    Commitment of substantial government funding to a project brings with it a requirement for evaluation of the degree to which the project has succeeded in achieving its stated goals. The Teaching... More

    pp. 1626-1633

  6. Exploring Possibilities for Virtual Education: Three Studies in Progress

    Gregory MacKinnon, Acadia University, Nova Scotia,Canada, Canada

    This poster presentation will outline three independent research projects that have been designed to evaluate the impact of 1) virtual manipulatives in biology, 2) virtual manipulatives in sport... More

    p. 3689

  7. Student Competitive Events: A Strategy for Integrating a STEM Block in Public Schools

    John Hope & Bill Allen, Baldwin County Schools, Alabama, United States

    Bay Minette Middle School (BMMS) is a public school that serves seventh and eighth grade students in rural southwest Alabama. Four years ago, BMMS began incorporating an informal Science,... More

    pp. 3852-3856

  8. Digital Portfolio Use as a Growth Mindset Tool

    Susan Hopper, University of North Texas, United States

    Digital portfolios implemented in the learning process function as a tool for student growth. A digital collection of student work across disciplines promotes reflection, self-evaluation, goal... More

    pp. 3904-3908