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SITE 2011--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 07, 2011


Matthew Koehler; Punya Mishra

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  1. Online Discussions: The Effect of Having Two Deadlines

    Michael Herrick, Meng-Fen Grace Lin & Charlotte Huei-Wen, University of Hawaii, United States

    Discussion forums are the heart of asynchronous online courses; many factors go into their design. After witnessing students delay in making required discussion board posts until just before the... More

    pp. 344-351

  2. Virtual Gender Roles: Is Gender a Better Predictor of Internet Use than Sex?

    Amy Trombley, The University of North Texas, United States

    Researchers across disciplines seek to discover common themes, extraordinary patterns, causal relationships, and ultimately any evidence that will give insight into how the Internet is changing the... More

    pp. 789-795

  3. Meeting ISTE Competencies with a Problem-Based Video Framework

    Yvonne Skoretz & Amy Cottle, Marshall University, United States

    Meeting International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) competencies creates a challenge for teachers. The authors provide a problem-based video framework that guides teachers in... More

    pp. 1211-1217

  4. Validating the Computer Attitude Questionnaire NSF ITEST (CAQ N/I)

    Leila Mills, University of North Texas, United States; Jenny Wakefield, Anjum Najmi & Dean Surface, UNT, United States; Rhonda Christensen & Gerald Knezek, University of North Texas, United States

    Abstract: This paper is a report on the validation of a new version of the Computer Attitude Questionnaire (CAQ) which is an instrument for measurement of student attitudes toward computers ... More

    pp. 1572-1579

  5. Literacy in Multimedia Environments: Preliminary Findings

    Barbara O'Byrne, Diana Bailey & Stacey Murrell, Marshall University Graduate College, United States

    This qualitative research examines the impact of multimedia web-authoring tools on the composing processes of literacy learners, P-12. It proposes that the multimodal features of these tools... More

    pp. 1600-1606

  6. Calculus in elementary school: an example of ICT-based curriculum transformation

    Andrew Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin & Irene Penesis, University of Tasmania, Australia

    Integral calculus is generally regarded as a fundamental but advanced aspect of mathematics, and it is not generally studied until students are aged about fifteen or older. Understanding the... More

    pp. 3203-3210

  7. Leveraging the Affordances of YouTube: Pedagogical Knowledge and Mental Models of Technology Affordances as Predictors for Pre-Service Teachers’ Planning for Technology Integration.

    Karsten Krauskopf, Carmen Zahn & Friedrich W. Hesse, Knowledge Media Research Center, Germany

    Web-based digital video tools enable learners to access video sources in more constructive ways. To leverage these affordances teachers need to integrate their knowledge about the potentials of a... More

    pp. 4372-4379