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SITE 2007--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 26, 2007


Roger Carlsen; Karen McFerrin; Jerry Price; Roberta Weber; Dee Anna Willis

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  1. Student Teachers’ Confidence and Competence for Finding Information on the Internet

    Peter Albion, Faculty of Education, USQ, Australia

    There is popular belief that current university students, who belong to the age group labelled as Generation Y or the Millennials, are more skilled than previous generations with computers by... More

    pp. 1244-1249

  2. Comparing Two Online Learning Environments: A Classroom of One or Many?

    Priscilla Norton & Dawn Hathaway, George Mason University, United States

    Abstract: Online learning is rapidly becoming a permanent feature of higher education. Although it offers many benefits to the adult learner, it commonly uses traditional instructional frameworks... More

    pp. 2064-2071

  3. The Claims of Games: A Comprehensive Review and Directions for Future Research

    Punya Mishra & Aroutis Foster, Michigan State University, United States

    Educational games have become the lightning rod for learning and preparing a future skilled workforce. Both the people, who argue against and for games agree that learning is possible, but what is ... More

    pp. 2227-2232

  4. Facilitating reflective practice for pre-service teachers through electronic portfolio development

    Jing Qi, The University of Vermont, United States; Kirk Vandersall, Arroyo Reserach Services, United States

    ePortfolio has made a great contribution to the technology proficiency of pre-service teachers at our site; however, the degree to which the process of electronic portfolio development facilitate... More

    pp. 2609-2616