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SITE 2002--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference



Dee Anna Willis; Jerry Price; Niki Davis

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  1. Using Digital Video Tools to Promote Reflective Practice

    Ann Cunningham, Wake Forest University, United States

    Interactive Session Proposal Short Description: The focus of the presentation is how digital video and interactive DVD technologies can support the development of products that encourage... More

    pp. 551-553

  2. Reflection as the Foundation for E-Portfolios

    Barbara Levin & Jean Camp, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, United States

    Reflection as the Foundation for E-Portfolios Barbara B. Levin and Jean S. Camp University of North Carolina at Greensboro Reflection is a highly valued attribute of effective teachers (Henderson, ... More

    pp. 572-576

  3. Project Merlot: Bringing Peer Review to Web-based Educational Resources

    Ralph Cafolla, Florida Atlantic University,, United States

    The unprecedented growth of the Web has resulted in a profusion of educational resources. However, the challenge for faculty is finding these resources and integrating them into their instruction. ... More

    pp. 614-618

  4. Faculty Development Using a Problem-Based Learning Methodology

    Penny Garcia, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, United States

    This paper is based on the premise that university faculty will utilize technology when it solves problems they routinely encounter in their profession. It theorizes that the construction of... More

    pp. 643-646

  5. Adaptive Profiling Tool for Teacher Education

    Miikka Miettinen & Petri Nokelainen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland; Jaakko Kurhila, Tomi Silander & Henry Tirri, University of Helsinki, Finland

    In this paper we introduce EDUFORM, an adaptive questionnaire designed for profiling students in various educational contexts. The idea is to build a probabilistic model from previously gathered... More

    pp. 1153-1157

  6. A Connected Lifelong Learning Community

    Kenneth Janz & Susan Powers, Indiana State University,, United States

    Recently, the Lilly Endowment announced their latest Community Alliances to Promote Education (CAPE) projects, and Indiana State University was a recipient of $5,000,000. Indiana State University... More

    pp. 1202-1206

  7. Using Video to Support Teachers' Ability to Interpret Classroom Interactions

    Miriam Sherin & Elizabeth van Es, Northwestern University, United States

    Video has become an important tool for working with both pre-service and in-service teachers. In some cases, video is used to demonstrate new ways that teachers can explore specific content areas... More

    pp. 2532-2536