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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Apr 11, 2022


Elizabeth Langran

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  1. Beginning Teachers’ Reflections on Pre-service Technology Training and Sense of Preparedness

    Emmanuel Abedi & Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University, Australia; David Geelan, The University of Notre Dame, Australia

    Several studies investigate effective strategies for preparing teachers for educational technology use, but primarily from the perspectives of pre-service teachers in training. This study addresses... More

    pp. 367-376

  2. Creating a Safer Digital World for Elementary Learners: Lessons Learned from Elementary Educators

    Julie Bacak, Florence Martin, Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell, Drew Polly & Weichao Wang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States

    Children interact with digital devices for learning and entertainment at an early age. This study examines elementary educators’ perceptions of student digital safety based on their interactions... More

    pp. 1085-1093

  3. Transformative Technology for Equity-centered Instruction

    Jennifer Suh, Kate Roscioli, Kim Leong & Holly Tate, George Mason University, United States

    This paper documents the evolution of the Equity-Centered Transformative Technology (EqTtech) Lesson Analysis Tool developed for teachers to analyze how emerging technology can be used to have a... More

    pp. 1559-1567

  4. Tweeting about Teachers and COVID-19: An Emotion and Sentiment Analysis Approach

    Jason Harron, Kennesaw State University, United States; Sa Liu, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, United States

    This paper applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze 20-months of Twitter data related to the general publics’ discourse about the COVID-19 pandemic and teachers. A total of... More

    pp. 1675-1684

  5. Emotional behavior in quantitative research methods course for preservice teachers. Learning analytics approach.

    Erkko Sointu, Mohammed Saqr, Teemu Valtonen, Susanne Hallberg, Sanna Väisänen & Jenni Kankaanpää, University of Eastern Finland, Finland; Ville Tuominen, Valamis, Finland; Laura Hirsto, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

    Preservice teacher training is research intensive in Finland. Additionally, teaching as profession is highly valued among young people. However, quantitative methods courses are challenging for... More

    pp. 2089-2098

  6. Investigating contextual knowledge within TPACK: How has it been done empirically so far?

    Eliana Brianza, University of Zurich, Switzerland; Mirjam Schmid, University of Queensland, Australia; Jo Tondeur, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; Dominik Petko, University of Zurich, Switzerland

    The technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework traditionally describes seven domains of knowledge which teachers rely on for effectively combining technology, pedagogy and... More

    pp. 2204-2212