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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 26, 2018


Elizabeth Langran; Jered Borup

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  1. Promise and Parameters: Digital Badges for Ongoing Professional Learning

    Mark Hofer, College of William and Mary, United States; Jessica Duggan & Todd Moellendick, College of William & Mary, United States

    Professional educators desire ongoing learning experiences to enhance their practice, gain new skills, and advance in their careers These professional development experiences take many forms,... More

    pp. 171-179

  2. The Role of Design Features in the Affordances of Digital Math Games

    Patricia Moyer-Packenham, Christina Lommatsch, Kristy Litster, M. Jill Ashby & Allison Roxburgh, Utah State University, United States

    This paper reports on a large clinical study with 193 children (Grades 3-6) who interacted with 12 digital math games during clinical interviews Children completed a pretest, interacted with the... More

    pp. 465-473

  3. Promoting Teachers’ Identity Exploration: The Way Forward in Teacher Education for Game-Based Learning

    Mamta Shah & Aroutis Foster, Drexel University, United States

    This mixed-methods study reports preliminary findings from Games, Science, and Identity Change- a year-long professional development (PD) undertaken to develop pre-service teachers’ (a) knowledge... More

    pp. 486-494

  4. Student Expectations and Patterns of Instructional Activities with iPad-Cart Integration in Multi-School Secondary Classrooms

    C. Candace Chou, University of ST. Thomas, United States; Lanise Block, University of St. Thomas, United States

    Tablets and lightweight laptops have become commonplace in the K-12 classrooms Previous studies have shown mixed results on the effectiveness of these mobile devices for one-to-one learning Based... More

    pp. 1384-1392