LearnTechLib Testimonials


“I was so pleased to join Harvard and discover that LearnTechLib was already one of our licensed databases. At Harvard and at my previous institution, beyond traditional research use by faculty, librarians, and students, I believe that full access to LearnTechLib is essential for my university-wide colleagues who are conducting educational technology research and program development for online learning initiatives. As Harvard’s lead education librarian, I see it as my role to ensure that our LearnTechLib subscription is used to its full potential. As a teaching faculty member, I want my students not only to have access the rich and diverse full-text scholarship within LearnTechLib but also to be able to use LearnTechLib as a community tool to further their own research agendas and seek ways to join the scholarly conversations within AACE conferences and publications.”

   Alex Hodges, Harvard University


"LearnTechLib offers access to the most up to date research on the use of technology and learning.  Peer reviewed and authoritative, this tool serves as a primary source for me to explore the wide range of research reflecting on theoretical and applied approaches in educational technology.  I appreciate the inclusion of proceedings, journal articles, book, and other published works that are curated neatly into this database provided by AACE, and often return to the database after conference (SITE) to read the full text of the wonderful presentations I attend."

   Marilyn Ochoa, Middlesex County College



"LearnTechLib is an extremely valuable resource for educators, researchers and students who are interested in the field of educational technology. This digital library contains the leading journals and conference proceedings in our field and it is simple and quick to access these articles to support the advancement of scholarly work. I am grateful that our university provides this resource for our faculty, staff and students."

Rhonda Christensen, Professor, University of North Texas



"As librarians blend themselves into the teaching and learning process, one essential tool is LearnTechLib that connects the reader to the newest research 24/7, meeting the user on the user terms of timeliness and accuracy. Try it. Change the world of learning!"

Kay A. Buchanan,Librarian, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia