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LearnTechLib is your gateway to the latest scholarly research for information technology in education. Featuring an easy-to-use and highly efficient search engine and an extensive database of 100,000+ documents, LearnTechLib makes it easy to keep up to date on the latest advances in the field.

"As librarians blend themselves into the teaching and learning process, one essential tool is LearnTechLib that connects the reader to the newest research 24/7, meeting the user on the user terms of timeliness and accuracy. Try it. Change the world of learning!" 
Kay A. Buchanan; Librarian, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

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Organize Your Research Results by Creating Collections of Papers & Media

Journal articles, Conferences papers, e-Books, Reports, Dissertations, Videos, Keynote Talks, Presentation slides, & Webinars.

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This free service automatically emails to you the alerts for your topic and journal content. Sign up here.

Bibliographic Software Compatible

Compatible with bibliographic software such as BibTex, EndNote, RefWorks, and more.

Developing Countries Initiative

With each institutional subscription to LearnTechLib, a library in a developing country receives a LearnTechLib subscription. The sponsoring institution may choose either the recipient country or a specific institutional library, or one will be selected by the LearnTechLib Ambassadors consisting of university librarians and faculty. 

View Conference Presentation Videos & Slides

Many conference papers also include the actual presentation slides in PowerPoint (PPT) format.

Email Abstracts of Search Results

LearnTechLib freely enables you to email abstracts from search results to colleagues (free service) and include your comments. Try it!

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