Publisher Partners

Thank you to our many Publishing Partners!

Benefits of Becoming a Publishing Partner:


By becoming an LearnTechLib Publishing Partner, both the publication and its authors benefit.


> Global Exposure of Journal and Authors:

Journal and authors' article visibility and exposure is increased in the global community of colleagues, universities, & libraries with every article linking back to the publication website.


> Increased Journal Submissions and Subscribers:
Partnering with LearnTechLib to enable accepted papers to be internationally available in LearnTechLib thus giving authors increased visibility.  


> Ongoing Availability and Archival:

Authors' work will remain permanently available for viewing and printing. Authors need not update their website or handle reprint requests. They may simply email links of papers to share with colleagues.


> Publication or Authors Retain Copyright:

The copyright on papers is not affected and remain the property of the Journal or authors. Therefore if agreed by the Journal, authors still may seek publication via other sources.


> Professional Contribution:

To further advance their fields by making their articles available through LearnTechLib.



If your publication is interested in partnering with LearnTechLib or you have questions, please contact us: