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Supervisor Learning through Collaborative Video Inquiry: It's Not Just for Teacher Candidates

, , , Hunter College, CUNY, United States

CITE Journal Volume 18, Number 3, ISSN 1528-5804 Publisher: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, Waynesville, NC USA


The feedback provided to teachers by their supervisors, in pre-service and in-service settings, is considered to be essential to teacher learning. Incorporating video records into these mentoring sessions has been shown to trigger the cognitive dissonance needed to help teachers explore the gaps between their intentions and their actual behaviors.  However, while pre-service teachers in particular are increasingly asked to examine their teaching practice via video, their supervisors are not engaging in a parallel examination of their supervisory practice.  In particular, university-based clinical supervisors who carry out critical conversations with teacher candidates do so without feedback about how they are performing in those conferences and rarely do they receive opportunities for their growth as supervisors. At the same time, institutions of teacher education teacher education are increasingly recognizing the essential role supervisors play in the development of teacher candidate learning, yet are challenged as to how to provide professional development to supervisors.  In this paper, we share an innovative response to this dilemma. We describe an initiative in which clinical supervisors were invited to investigate their post-observation conversations using video in a self-development group. Results suggest this as a promising approach for advancing supervisors’ self-awareness of their post-observation facilitation skills.  


Baecher, L., Browne Graves, S. & Ghailan, F. (2018). Supervisor Learning through Collaborative Video Inquiry: It's Not Just for Teacher Candidates. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 18(3), 556-577. Waynesville, NC USA: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Retrieved September 18, 2020 from .