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Journal of Online Learning Research

April 2021 Volume 7, Number 1


Mary Rice; Michael Barbour

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Living and Learning Through a Pandemic: Supporting and Cultivating our K-12 Online Research Community

    Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University, United States; Jered Borup, George Mason University, United States; Mary Rice, University of New Mexico, United States

    On the heels of another online SITE conference, we stop to reflect on how much we have all learned as a result of living through a global pandemic. The need for teachers to be equipped with the... More

    pp. 1-3

  2. K-12 Blended Teaching Skills and Abilities: An Analysis of Blended Teaching Artifacts

    Cecil R. Short, Charles R. Graham & Emily Sabey, Brigham Young University, United States

    Several professional organizations, non-profit groups, and researchers have provided K-12 blended teaching competencies; however, few of these have connected competencies to concrete practices.... More

    pp. 5-33

  3. Assessing K-12 Online Teachers' Knowledge of Online Student Identities

    Brianne Jackson, W. Monty Jones, Michael Schad & Deverick Strand, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States

    As the population of K-12 online learners becomes increasingly diverse, research must be undertaken to assess the level of knowledge K-12 online teachers have in terms of meeting this population’s ... More

    pp. 35-56

  4. A Case Study of Teachers’ Experiences of Blended Teaching and Learning

    Diane Cunningham, Diane Cunningham Consulting, United States

    The purpose of this study was to explore the question, How do teachers experience blended teaching and learning? This article describes the interplay of beliefs and practices of four high school... More

    pp. 57-83

  5. A Peer Support Community on Social Media: A Counter Narrative to Cyberbullying

    Heidi Stevenson, Independent Educational Consultant, United States; Carrie Kellogg, University of the Pacific, United States

    As students are increasingly engaged in online and blended learning, and spending more time online outside of school, it is especially important to understand how they use social media. The... More

    pp. 85-108