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Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia

June 2011 Volume 20, Number 2


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Exploring the Instructional Conditions for a Reverse Modality Effect in Multimedia Instruction

    Jongpil Cheon, Steven Crooks, Fethi Inan, Raymond Flores & Fatih Ari, Texas Tech University, United States

    This study explored the causes of the reverse modality effect when learning from multimedia instruction. Participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups (visual text or spoken text). The... More

    pp. 117-133

  2. How Can Positive Effects of Pop-up Windows on Multimedia Learning be Explained ?

    Severine Erhel & Eric Jamet, CRPCC University of Rennes 2, France

    A large body of research has shown that incorporating text in the corresponding sections of an illustration facilitates the learning of illustrated documents. More recently, a series of studies has... More

    pp. 135-156

  3. E-classical Fairy Tales: Multimedia Builder as a Tool

    Nikleia Eteokleous, Frederick University, Cyprus; Despo Ktoridou, University of Nicosia, Cyprus; Symeon Tsolakidis, Frederick University, Cyprus

    The study examines pre-service teachers’ experiences in delivering a traditional-classical fairy tale using the Multimedia Builder software, in other words an e-fairy tale. A case study approach... More

    pp. 157-172

  4. The Use of Experiential Education and Field Trips for Learning

    Jason Gillett, School Board of Alachua County, United States

    The purpose of my action research is to create meaningful virtual field trips that give students many of the same benefits as actual field trips. Since educational budget cuts are preventing... More

    pp. 173-177

  5. Teacher Criteria for Evaluating and Selecting Developmentally Appropriate Computer Software

    Esther Ntuli, North Shore Community College, United States; Lydia Kyei-Blankson, Illinois State University, United States

    Although many teacher training programs and school districts offer courses and workshops on technology integration in instruction, research shows that teachers still face major challenges... More

    pp. 179-193

  6. Students Approach to Learning and their Use of Lecture Capture

    Susan Vajoczki, Susan Watt & Nick Marquis, McMaster University, Canada; Rose Liao, University of Toronto, Canada; Michelle Vine, McMaster University, Canada

    This study examined lecture capture as a way of enhancing university education, and explored how students with different learning approaches used lecture capturing (i.e., podcasts and vodcasts). ... More

    pp. 195-214