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International Journal of Educational Telecommunications

1999 Volume 5, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 11

  1. Preface

    Betty Collis, University of Twente

    The Special Issue developed as a result of the ED-MEDIA '99 Pre-Conference Seminar, "Systems for World Wide Web (WWW)-Based Course Support: Technical, Pedagogical, and Institutional Options," held ... More

    pp. 267-269

  2. WWW-Based Course-Support Systems: The First Generation

    Robby Robson, Oregon State University, United States

    This article gives an overview of the first generation of course-support systems designed to support World Wide Web (WWW)-based learning. It starts with a perspective in terms of pedagogic and... More

    pp. 271-282

  3. Selection, Dissemination, and Evaluation of the TopClass WWW-Based Course Support Tool

    Shirley Alexander, University of Technology, Australia

    The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is an inner-city university with approximately 23,000 students, of whom 46% are part-time, almost one third are enrolled in the Faculty of Business, and... More

    pp. 283-292

  4. Using WebCT at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

    Karen Lazenby, University of Pretoria, South Africa

    This paper provides an overview of the use of WebCT at the University of Pretoria within an institution-wide virtual campus frame. The process through which WebCT was selected as the most... More

    pp. 293-307

  5. Lotus LearningSpace: A WWW Strategy for Growth

    Mercedes Fisher, Marquette University, United States

    In the School of Education at Marquette University, faculty members have been delivering staff-development since 1997 using Lotus LearningSpace, a World Wide Web (WWW)-based course support system. ... More

    pp. 309-329

  6. The TeleTOP Method at the University of Twente

    Wim De Boer & Betty Collis, University of Twente

    At the Faculty of Educational Science and Technology, University of Twente in The Netherlands, pioneer faculty members have been making innovative use of World Wide Web (WWW)-based course support... More

    pp. 331-359

  7. From the What and Why to the How of Course Support Systems–The Value of the Teachers’ Perspective

    Christine Anne Brown, University of Wollongong, Australia

    As various institutions choose to purchase and ultimately adapt a course support system to their context, or even develop their own system, they need to give serious consideration to the design of ... More

    pp. 361-385

  8. Instructor Support for Web-Based Courseware Development and Delivery

    Allan Ellis, Southern Cross University, Australia

    The successful provision of instructor support requires not just an appreciation of online pedagogical issues and current web-based teaching and learning tools but a familiarity with institutional ... More

    pp. 387-399

  9. Learner Issues With WWW-Based Systems

    Curtis J. Bonk & Vanessa Dennen, Indiana University, United States

    This paper reports the results of a breakout session focused on learner issues within the context of the ED-MEDIA '99 Seminar on WWW-based course-support systems. The authors summarize a large... More

    pp. 401-417

  10. Curriculum and Learning-Resources Issues Arising From the Use of Web-Based Course Support Systems

    Catherine McLoughlin, University of New England, United States; Ron Oliver, Edith Cowan University, Australia

    Web-based course support systems are essential for supporting online teaching and learning environments. They provide tools to enroll learners, to deliver the course materials to the learners, and ... More

    pp. 419-435

  11. Technical Issues in Systems for WWW-Based Course Support

    Bruce Landon, Douglas College, Canada; Robby Robson, Oregon State University, United States

    The three technical issues addressed are technological currency, technical infrastructure to support academic integrity, and providing educational access to persons with disabilities. The focus of ... More

    pp. 437-453