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Designing Hypercontextualized Games: A Case Study with LieksaMyst

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Journal of Educational Technology & Society Volume 15, Number 2, ISSN 1176-3647 e-ISSN 1176-3647


Digital technology empowers one to access vast amounts of on-line data. From a learning perspective, however, it is difficult to access meaningful on-site information within a given context. The Hypercontextualized Game (HCG) design model interweaves on-site resources, translated as content, and the digital game. As a local game design process, HCG builds on the resources available on-site ("context") and transfers them beyond their origin ("hyper"). A successful example is the HCG stories in LieksaMyst, an application developed for the Pielinen Museum, in which the player is guided through a series of activities by a "virtual host" from the historic past. It took three years of extensive work and research for the LieksaMyst HCG stories to mature from "brainstorming concepts" to a "fully-fledged museum service". Curators, educational technology experts and a total of 476 visitors (from 6 to 77 years old) contributed to the design process. The analysis of the context and feedback from the visitors enabled us to choose media, content and activities suitable to the Pielinen Museum. Our findings indicate that quality time, sincere reflection and communication between local experts and potential players, are indispensable when designing a HCG based game. The analysis benefits researchers and practitioners who are interested in the ways in which a game can bridge the gap between "people" and relevant on-site "information". (Contains 6 tables and 5 figures.)


Sedano, C.I., Sutinen, E., Vinni, M. & Laine, T.H. (2012). Designing Hypercontextualized Games: A Case Study with LieksaMyst. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 15(2), 257-270. Retrieved August 15, 2020 from .

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