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Cartoons beyond clipart: A computer tool for storyboarding and storywriting

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Computers & Education Volume 52, Number 1, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper describes the motivation, proposal, and early prototype testing of a computer tool for story visualisation. An analysis of current software for making various types of visual story is made; this identifies a gap between software which emphasises preset banks of artwork, and software which emphasises low-level construction and/or drawing. A proposal is made to fill this gap, and a prototype implementation of the proposal is described in the context of a school-based study with England and Wales’s Year 5, covering ages 9–10 years. Results from this prototype study both validate the novel proposal made and demonstrate that children are capable of manipulating characters and notional camera angles in a more complex way than most current software permits.


Madden, M., Chung, P.W.H. & Dawson, C.W. (2009). Cartoons beyond clipart: A computer tool for storyboarding and storywriting. Computers & Education, 52(1), 188-200. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved December 14, 2019 from .

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