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The strategic management of e-learning in universities and colleges

, Tony Bates Associates Ltd, Canada


The presentation examines 11 case studies (five in North America and six in Europe) of how post-secondary educational institutions have planned and managed the integration of technology for teaching, and presents conclusions and recommendations from the study. The study suggests that most institutions have been far too conservative in the goals set for e-learning, that technology is now just not a useful add-on to teaching, but requires substantial re-organization of the institution and significant changes in the design of teaching and learning, if 21st century learning needs are to be met. However, the necessary changes are unlikely without a complete overhaul of faculty development and training, and better preparation for senior academic administrators.


Bates, T. (2010). The strategic management of e-learning in universities and colleges. In J. Sanchez & K. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning 2010. Orlando, Florida: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved December 9, 2019 from .