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Multimedia training in the pig industry

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Computers & Education Volume 37, Number 3, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper evaluates the effectiveness of a multimedia training program designed specifically for stockpeople in the pig industry. The information was presented in either multimedia or printed manual format with and without the presence of a trainer. Care was taken to ensure that layout and content was the same for both formats. The study comprised two pilot studies to assess the validity of the instruments, followed by a main study in which 92 stockpeople participated in one of four training conditions. Immediately following training, stockpeople completed a Knowledge and a Satisfaction Questionnaire and 6 weeks post-training repeated the Knowledge Questionnaire. Results did not support the hypothesis that participants in the multimedia group would perform and retain content better than participants in the manual group. The trainer had an overall deleterious effect on recall of the information in both groups. There was support for the hypothesis that participants in the multimedia group would be more satisfied with their media than the manual group. Novelty effects did not appear to account for the observed differences between media groups.


Coleman, G., Rea, T., Hall, M., Sawyer, A. & Hemsworth, P.H. (2001). Multimedia training in the pig industry. Computers & Education, 37(3), 257-271. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved February 17, 2020 from .

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