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Non-existence of systematic education on computerized writing in Japanese schools

Computers and Composition Volume 24, Number 3 ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


In Japanese schools, from elementary to college levels, digital technologies are not widely used for writing education. It sounds paradoxical that computer use in writing education is not flourishing in a country where ordinary people, especially the youth, actively use the Internet and cellular phones to exchange written (or typed) messages, where schools are well-equipped with computer technologies, and where the government shows guidelines and rationales for using information and communication technologies in teaching and learning at schools. This article analyzes the background behind this paradoxical situation. After analyzing how much research on and the practice of digital writing education has been made in the country, this paper discusses the nature of writing education and digital discourse in the Japanese culture and its possible relations to the lack of computerized writing education in Japanese schools.


Sugimoto, T. Non-existence of systematic education on computerized writing in Japanese schools. Computers and Composition, 24(3), 317-328. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved December 10, 2019 from .

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