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When computer writers compose by hand


Computers and Composition Volume 12, Number 1, ISSN 8755-4615 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Most research on the relationship between writing and word processing has concentrated on the revising strategies of inexperienced student authors and has yielded only ambiguous and inconsistent results. Our study was designed to enlarge the scope of computer/composer investigations by examining the complete writing processes of experienced professionals. The article is divided into three parts: (a) introduction and background material; (b) an impressionistic section that reviews our assessment of videotapes of three professional writers composing several essays from start to finish, both by hand and by computer, and provides detailed descriptions of the composition strategies of each writer; (c) an analytic section that discusses the similarities and differences among the completed essays as revealed by holistic evaluations. Both the description of process and the assessment of product suggest that writing by hand and writing by computer are equally effective in creating texts. Writing appears to be governed by deep cognitive paradigms that are influenced very little by the mode of text production or by the writer's preference for one mode or the other.


Collier, R. & Werier, C. (1995). When computer writers compose by hand. Computers and Composition, 12(1), 47-59. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved April 6, 2020 from .

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