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`Learning to learn': teachers' conceptions of their supporting role

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Learning and Instruction Volume 12, Number 3 ISSN 0959-4752 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


There is a general consensus in the educational community that learning to learn' is an important educational goal. Despite this consensus, it is not clear howlearning to learn' is or should be implemented. Actually, teachers are using learning to learn' in many different meanings and it is being implemented in many different variations. We interviewed 53 secondary schools teachers about their subjective interpretations and the way they implementlearning to learn'. According to Hounsell (Higher Education 8 (1979) 453), two groups have been distinguished: a group of teachers having a broad vision about `learning to learn' and a group of teachers with a narrow vision. These two groups are described in terms of their functions, task conception, conception of the learning process and the students and their instructional approach.


Waeytens, K., Lens, W. & Vandenberghe, R. `Learning to learn': teachers' conceptions of their supporting role. Learning and Instruction, 12(3), 305-322. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved September 18, 2020 from .

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