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A Faculty's Approach to Distance Learning Standardization

Teaching and Learning in Nursing Volume 11, Number 4, ISSN 1557-3087 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


A nursing faculty workshop on distance learning highlighted several areas that needed review and revision of the existing approach toward distance education. Nursing educators, especially those responsible for providing distance education, need to possess the necessary digital wisdom in order to navigate the technological jungle of nursing distance education and better prepare nursing students of the 21st century. The ability to use technology effectively by both faculty and student is critical for participation in distance learning. A literature review and exploration of distance learning programs in institutions of higher learning was performed by a distance education sub-committee guided by the distance learning nursing standards and guidelines recommended by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Following exploration by the distance education sub-committee, recommendations included faculty attendance in a prepatory workshop for faculty instruction in distance learning, an established definition of distance learning, a standardized Web site template, a student readiness quiz, and faculty peer evaluation and faculty student evaluation for distance learning courses.


Griffiths, B. (2016). A Faculty's Approach to Distance Learning Standardization. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 11(4), 157-162. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved April 7, 2020 from .

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