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Nurse educators—still challenged by critical thinking


Teaching and Learning in Nursing Volume 3, Number 3 ISSN 1557-3087 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Educators are thwarted by inconsistent critical thinking definitions, poor understandings about measurable ways to teach critical thought processes, and a lack of reliable and valid nursing-specific assessment tools to effectively evaluate student reasoning. Standardized measures of students' critical thinking show contradictory measurement results. Assumptions that nurse educators possess highly evolved critical thinking skills need to be examined. It appears that continued attention and new approaches to critical thinking are still needed. More still needs to be known about relationships between the critical thinking abilities of the nursing faculty and the ways students are taught these skills through the curriculum and clinical experiences.


Mundy, K. & Denham, S.A. Nurse educators—still challenged by critical thinking. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 3(3), 94-99. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved April 20, 2021 from .

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