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Assessing institutionalization of educational reforms


International Journal of Educational Development Volume 28, Number 6, ISSN 0738-0593 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This study aims to assess the institutionalization of a major reform in the faculties of education in Turkey in the 1990s. A survey was administered to faculty members in eight faculties of education in the academic year 2005–2006. Factor analysis, t-tests and ANOVAs, and OLS regressions were used. Findings indicate that the most problematic area of re-structuring was “program change” caused by coercive pressures. The study concludes that institutionalization of the re-structuring has not yet been fully achieved, and an alternative re-structuring process is proposed. All three types of pressures were related and they influence one another. Normative pressures were found to be more powerful in this type of re-structuring process.


Aypay, A. & Sezer Kalayci, S. (2008). Assessing institutionalization of educational reforms. International Journal of Educational Development, 28(6), 723-736. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved March 24, 2023 from .

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